Thursday, November 1

100% Accurate Description of Me

I'm long gone, but not forgotten, I hope. Yesterday I had a discussion with my sister, our topic is how do people identify who is the boss, and who is not...

And that's how she described me. To be frank, I find it accurate and funny at the same time. It is like a slap to my face- omaigod, I'm transforming into a nobody who is really ugly.

Yes, I have baldness around my crown

Yes, I use a berkerak (filthy) purse.

Yes, I wear slippers!

Add all up and I look fugly! So from today onwards, I'll try to upgrade my appearance. These are the steps I'll follow:-

1) wear heels or nice looking shoes
2) put on slight make up, at least a lip gloss
3) wash the filthy purse!
4) enhance my looks with earrings..

Any other ideas on how to improve my looks? Please dont suggest plastic surgery coz I am not gonna remove my mole. Keke...

Deepest Love,
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RedButtockz Wern said...


cklim said...

Boss, got some sample pictures would be ;p haha

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

wah...i cant beLieve actually there is someone who demanded to see ugly photos of me. Hahahaha