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My First and Last Experience At Bridal Fair

I have lots of stuff to update kekeke but I was so busy and tied up with stuff I dont know where to start updating about!

Basically things are circling on my wedding preparation. I have not formally announce our wedding, but hey, YES, me and XerOz are tying the knot soon! So, as reluctant as he was (he hate crowded places), I forced him to go with me to the Bridal and Banquet Fair at Midvalley on 25th November (last Sunday). I did not manage to snap photos of the fair because it was such a H O R R I B L E experience!!! You have no idea how walking into the Bridal Photogallery Section, which was about 80% of the whole fair and you see blood-thirsty looks upon the faces of the sales persons. They are so scary keep asking you to sit down and see their albums. As in YOU MUST SEE OR ELSE YOU WILL REGRET YOUR WEDDING. Blablabla. I really dislike such place! Worse than pasar malam. At least pasar malam is crowded but people can look and buy at ease.

Worse part is that when they ask you snap wedding photos already or not, if you say Yes, then their manners changed and asked "Which bridal shop did you engage? The photos nice or not? Come look at our photos and compare.." =.= LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE!
And if you say No, then immediately they shove you to the nearest chair. Wtf!

So I walked so fast as though a horde of zombies chased after me. All I wanted to do at the Bridal Fair is to choose a nice banquet hall for my simple wedding. My top priority was to visit O group, as I previously had attended some friends wedding there and was impressed, but my excitement balloon burst when the sales person isn't too excited to entertain me. It was all written on her face and voice tone. All she did was make some phone calls, told us about deposits and said "Now fashion is lunch, not dinner" and blabber about her lunch promo RM999++. Then we quickly walked away.

The positive encounter is with T group of restaurants. T group  has a great and hospitable team. So the person in charge actually explained to us in very detailed manner. They are actually already quite booked up for Sept- Dec 2013 weddings. On the down side of T Group is the value of money offer only worth it if I have a minimum of 30tables. I don't. *sad*

At this moment, I still prefer a small scale, private wedding where I know who are the guests are so that we all can have fun together. What is the point of having a wedding banquet where neither of us knew who are our guests are?  Im thinking of just about 20-25 tables max. And you know how congested it is nowadays to have wedding banquet in KL, there could be more than one bride and have a sharing hall. (which I am doing everything within my power to avoid).

So I stopped by at V hotel, and was delighted at the hospitality and honesty of the sales team. They could cater my wedding at my budget, and provide me a private ballroom and only require a minimum of 20 tables booking. It's like a dream venue come true but too bad, I'm not making the call for this. XeRoZ family are the hosts so I just have to go with the flow... Nonetheless, I also have received feedbacks that hotel food sucks! On a random note, I wonder why everybody has to make the disgusting look on their face when mentioning about hotel food? Hahaha its just so funny that I had to refrain myself from laughing out loud when i see the persons face. Lol. Hope she's not reading my blog now lol!!!Yes, I know hotel food are generally bad (unless you opt for the higher priced-package). Rest assure that I am also using up my HP and MP energy to make sure the food is good for all my guests. I know we can't satisfy everyone but we are trying our best to make this ONE HEAVEN OF AN EVENT a memorable one for us both.

Yups, more to update until we made a decision and drop the bomb! Haha. Yes, I am praying so hard that XeRoz family can make the decision soon so that I won't have to go the next Bridal fair!! *scary*

Muacks all!

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Thursday, November 22

TVB Hong Kong Anniversary Award 2012 Nomination List

Wooo Hoooo!!! The moment I have been waiting for has finally arrived. LOL~ The TVB Awards show. I'm keen on this year's award show because in 2012 I have watched many Hong Kong TVB dramas and also this year I have been very critical on the actors and dramas produced by them. 

p/s: I am unable to upload photos, so bear with my wordy post first, I'll go home and put up some pics of the drama and candidates XD 

This year's selection of winner for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Drama categories will be done via public voting, 1 vote per person.

 Highlighted in Blue =HOT nominees

Best Actor:

1. Wayne Lai in The Confidant
2. Moses Chan in The Last Steep Ascent
3. Kevin Cheng in Gloves Come Off
4. Kenneth Ma in The Hippocratic Crush
5. Raymond Lam in Highs and Lows
6. Bosco Wong in Witness Insecurity
7. Damian Lau in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
8. Roger Kwok in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
9. Joe Ma in Tiger Cubs
10. Raymond Wong in Gloves Come Off

MsXeRoz's pick: - Wayne Lai (The Confidant). But due to the winner being chosen via voting, the person with highest number of fan base, Raymond Lam has the highest chances of winning. However, comparing Raymond Lam, Bosco and Kenneth, I would rate Bosco as a better actor. But unfortunately, Bosco hasn't have any good dramas except Witness Insecurities this year.

Best Actress:

1. Michelle Yim in The Confidant
2. Charmaine Sheh in When Heaven Burns
3. Myolie Wu in Ghetto Justice 2
4. Tavia Yeung in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
5. Fala Chen in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
6. Linda Chung in Wintess Insecurity
7. Kate Tsui in Highs and Lows
8. Aimee Chan in The Last Steep Ascent
9. Liza Wang in Divas in Distress
10. Niki Chow in Bottled Passion

 MsXeRoz's pick: - Michelle Yim (The Confidant). In my opinion, Michelle and Charmaine both deserve best actress as they (along with Liza Wang) are mature actresses, whereas a stiff competition between Tavia, Kate and Linda as new rising Fa Dans are expected. Aimee Chan is the unexpected candidate here *facepalm* She's no where near the ranks of the other candidates, giving a bad vibe to the list of Best Actress. So in my opinion, Aimee should be disqualified. LOL.. Comparing Kate, Tavia and Linda (sorry Fala), I would prefer Linda. 

My Favorite TV Male Character:

1. Kevin Cheng in Ghetto Justice 2
2. Moses Chan in The Last Steep Ascent
3. Wayne Lai in The Confidant
4. Raymond Lam in Highs and Lows
5. Kenneth Ma in The Hippocratic Crush
6. Bosco Wong in Witness Insecurity
7. Bobby Au Yeung in House of Harmony and Vengeance
8. Michael Miu in Highs and Lows
9. Raymond Wong in The Confidant
10. Damian Lau in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

 MsXeRoz's favourite: - Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice 2).Well, it say's here my Favourite TV Male Character right? then Law Ba is my favourite. Actually if there's a choice, my top favourite is Law Ba and his Law yaos (from Ghetto Justice 2), which includes Jazz Lam, Raymond Cho and Sam. 

My Favorite TV Female Character:

1. Michelle Yim in The Confidant
2. Charmaine Sheh in When Heaven Burns
3. Myolie Wu in Ghetto Justice 2
4. Crystal Tin in King Maker
5. Tavia Yeung in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
6. Tavia Yeung in The Hippocratic Crush
7. Kate Tsui in Highs and Lows
8. Fala Chen in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
9. Eliza Sam in Divas in Distress
10. Niki Chow in Bottled Passion

 MsXeRoz's favourite: - Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush). Honestly speaking, my favourite TV Female Character would be Book King (played by Yoyo Chen) from L'escargot. But since she wasn't in the list, then I have to pick Dr. Fan Tsz Yu (Tavia Yeung) for a lovable, pretty and intelligent character.

Most Improved Male Character:

1. Gam Kong
2. Him Law
3. Edwin Siu
4. Oscar Leung
5. Vincent Wong
MsXeRoz's favourite: - Oscar Leung. As mush as I terribly wanted Him Law to win this category, I have to say Oscar Leung deserve it better for displaying wider set of acting skills. 

Most Improved Female Character:

1. Mandy Wong
2. Eliza Sam
3. Christine Kuo
4. Katy Kung
5. Cilla Kung 
MsXeRoz's favourite: - Mandy Wong. Mandy Wong is no doubt a rising star, for her characters this year as Kwan Yi So & Dr. Hong Mei Suet had very solid performance.

Pictures from

Best Supporting Actor:

1. Power Chan in The Confidant
2. Koo Ming Wah in Divas in Distress
3. Oscar Leung in L'Escargot
4. Elliot Ngok in The Confidant
5. Vincent Wong in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
6. Jazz Lam in Ghetto Justice 2
7. Kenny Wong in The Last Steep Ascent
8. Ram Chiang in Witness Insecurity
9. Him Law in The Hippocratic Crush
10. Edwin Siu in Daddy Good Deeds
MsXeRoz's favourite: - Ram Chiang. I like Ram Chiang's performance as Kiu Kong Hor in Witness Insecurities.

Pictures from

 Best Supporting Actress:

1. Mandy Wong in L'Escargot
2. Rachel Kan in Master of Play
3. Mary Hon in Three Kingdoms RPG
4. Florence Kwok in King Maker
5. Law Lan in The Last Steep Ascent
6. Christine Kuo in Ghetto Justice 2
7. Nancy Wu in Gloves Come Off
8. Elena Kong in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
9. Eliza Sam in Divas in Distress
10. Aimee Chan in The Confidant 
MsXeRoz's favourite: -Nancy Wu. Because she was really convincing as a determined mute boxer.

What about Best Drama? Here are the nominees:-
  • When Heaven Burns
  • Bottled Passion
  • Wish and Switch
  • L'Escargot
  • Let it be love
  • The Hippocratic Crush
  • Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
  • Daddy Good Deeds
  • The Greatness of a Hero
  • Gloves Come Off
  • House of Harmony and Vengeance
  • Come Home Love
  • Master of Play
  • No Good Either Way
  • Tiger Cubs
  • Witness Insecurity
  • Three Kingdom RPG
  • Ghetto Justice II
  • King Maker
  • Divas In Distress
  • The Last Step Ascent
  • Highs and Lows
  • Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
  • The Confidant 
MsXeRoZ's pick: L'escargot. But I know it will most unlikely to win for best drama category. For me, the best drama is one that can touches your heart after watching it and that is how L'escargot made me feel.

So right now we have to wait for 17th December 2012, for the Anniversary Award 2012 show and see who will emerge as the winner! 

You can also get more updates from Jaynestars  K-TVB and TVBnewsworld as your one source of HK entertainment news!

Wednesday, November 21


Get Married For WHAT???

Earlier this week I had a chat discussion with a friend of mine. The topic, as mentioned above is about marriage. According to him, (yes he's a guy), marriage is unnecessary but all the girls just wanted "the paper" aka Certificate of Marriage. And so he asked me, is the paper so important? (after finding out that I'm getting married). To be frank, I never thought about it, the cert or whatever things about marriage. I just want to get married, to get married, (do you get what I mean?). I had thought of having kids, quitting my job and be a good wife, but that's another part of marriage altogether and it doesn't justify why I want to get married. Hmm...and so I start to ponder.

My answer would be... I want to get married because wedding seems fun. With all the dresses, make up and gorgeous hairstyles, surrounded by people that you love. Sounds fun, and it is like moving one step above after dating for so long

But then when the budgeting and costing comes into the picture and you'll see that every gorgeous brides are expensive ones. And when you look at your bank account and you can already imagine you belong to the society of ugly brides hahaha. So there's no diamonds or pearls to adorn me, and I also realized that I am unwilling to spend a fortune on my wedding. Then there's some people who said ,"its only once in a lifetime. Make it worth it.." and I want to agree but I cant afford to agree. If it's once in a lifetime I would opt for something prim and proper. It's not worth ended up in loans and financial crisis. But anyway some would say the guy side have to pay all and I dont need to fork a single cent. Lol then after marriage he will be totally broke and I have to nurse him back to wealth is it?

But Gao Wang Tsim (from L'escargot) taught me that problems that can solved with money isn't problem so, I won't let monetary issues bring me down!!! *turns into a green muscular being called Incredible Ling and tear the banks apart*

On the other note, is it true that girls get married for "the paper?". Coz my boyfriend is not rich, not extraordinarily handsome (he's just good looking at certain angle LOL) and doesn't own property. I don't see the point of marrying him just for "the paper". And on the other hand, "why do guys get married for?"

**********another issue***********

My dad hates coming to my house because I have a small fridge. Lol. Hate is a strong word to use but yeah, he hates my small fridge and asks me to get a bigger one because when he comes here he wants to put so much food like one whole pork, fish, prawns, crab, sotong, and many many more. Ok I exaggerate. So should I buy a bigger fridge? If I don't then will I be deemed as not filial? If my parents come and secretly buy me a fridge, then am I not filial as well? @.@

I dont have plans to change my fridge at the moment, hence no allocated budget. There are few things that I would like to have at my house, in priority order:-
• bed
• dressing table/ chest drawer
• air cond for my room
• a two door fridge
• new stove
• Flat screen 40" TV with home theatre system.

Fridge is like 3rd from my home list and I haven't add in "Things I Must Buy Because I Want" list.

Life sucks. And is even sucker when you know there's no bonus next few months! *turns into green freak monster Incredible Ling again*

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