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Would You Tell Your Best Friend's Partner That He/She Cheated?

Ohai Good Morning everybody!
Don't panic here, my best friend is not cheating. Well if she's cheating then probably its with me, JK lol haha..*so lesbo* I was on my way to work and as usual tuned in to Malaysia's (FM104.9 klang valley).Well, the topic of discussion today was  

"Your best friend has cheated (two-timing) on his girlfriend/boyfriend. So, would you tell his gf/bf that he/she is cheating?"

Would you?

Well this topic's scenario actually bring me back to my university years when one of my best friend did that to her boyfriend. At that time, she not only cheated on her boyfriend, but her gang of best friends too. It was also the incident that cracked our relationship and we were no longer best friend. So let me tell you the story here.

She was a angel, loved and adored by numerous guys but she loved the one who loved her. This guy would die for her. And as her friend, I truly happy that she abandon her wild ways to love this guy. After few years into the relationship, one famous flirt came into the picture and she was infatuated with his words and action and she dwelt deeper and deeper with this second guy. It was so obvious from her speech, body languages and she even set specific ringtone for this guy, that it is impossible for others not to find out about it, yet alone her boyfriend.

The funny part of this whole story is, her boyfriend's friends lay their loyalty towards her, and not him. None of his friend told him (as far as I know) and this poor boyfriend was left in the dark. It was also at this point some other friends told me that the girl ordered people to hide the truth from me (she must have think I'm blind or stupid) because I will interfere and tell her boyfriend.

The whole scenario I saw and was keeping mum on it. I never questioned her nor confront her. She must have known what she did was wrong that she didn't have the courage to face me, her best friend and had to lie to me whenever she wants to go out dating with the 2nd boyfriend. I was exasperated but I have a rule that I have been sticking to "If he ask me, I would tell the truth. If he didn't then so be it". And it was one stormy night that her bf called, asking her whereabouts that i told him she went out. He was furious, because I think he warned her to stop seeing that guy. I didn't even know who she went out with, and where did she go, so I didn't tell him anything.

And he came, we looked for her around our rented house. Until she came back and said she was talking on the phone with another guy friend all the while so her phone couldn't get through. After that I don't know what happened as the whole scenario made us distant. For I guess I'm the only one who oppose her with this flirt, and for being the one disgusted with my other friends for being loyal to a person that i felt not worthy of. But deep in my heart, i was jumping with joy when the boyfriend managed to reconcile with her and she stopped seeing the flirt.

Years has passed, and I no longer bear the disgust anymore. What's left to me is a question - Was I really that good friend after all?

I wasn't.

Why, you ask? I think that if I am really that good friend of hers, I would have confronted her and asked her what had happened. I didn't. When I heard that she banned others from telling me the truth, I would act as a moral police and reprimand her, I was so angry and hurt that part of me wished she got caught and dumped by her boyfriend (at that one moment only). So, I didn't confronted her and let my own judgment get in the way.

Well let bygones be bygones. And if the same thing were to happen again to any of my best friends I will do the same "As long as your boyfriend didn't come to ask me about your flings, I will not tell. Plus, I will not lie on your whereabouts and who you are with, if i know of it".

What about you? Will you tell or not? Let's share opinions!

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ms.bulat said...

I will agree with your last statement. If the boyfriend does not ask me about it, I will not tell. But will definitely try to talk things out with my best friend as I don't want her to fall deeper in her wrong doings.