Wednesday, October 10

Wedding Bells Ringing For Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo


Dato' Lee Chong Wei
Wong Mew Choo

Two of our national heroes are tying the knots early next month! The whole Malaysia and badminton fans in the world were anticipating this beautiful union. And recently, pre-wedding preparation photos have emerge in the internet. And here I am sharing those photos with all of you =)

From what has been revealed, Chong Wei has announced that he will skip French Open, and at the same time Mew Choo has quit her role as BJSS coach, hence leading speculations that the wedding will take place soon. Nonetheless, it is also revealed that their wedding would be on 10th and 11th November 2012.

A beach reception is lovely~

I guess from what we can see, the theme is pink and white =)
*my favourite colours*

Well, it is also been speculated that the beach reception will take place in Gold Coast Sepang (based on the background seen below)

Well, can't wait for more information and photos to be released. 

Wishing Chong Wei & Mew Choo a happy wedding =)

Love you both, always..


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