Wednesday, October 3

Taxi Drivers Protest in KL

The taxi drivers made it into headlines today for protesting against an implementation of a FREE bus service, called Go-KL to two routes in KL city. The taxi drivers protested for a few hours and blocked off the roads around Jalan Bukit Bintang. According to news, they demanded these few things to be discussed:-

  • the GO-KL bus service;
  • the RM2 coupon charges at selected locations;
  • lack of taxi stands and parking, especially along Jalan Bukit Bintang;
  • continuous issuance of taxi permits;
  • easier renewal of drivers’ registration cards;
  • alleged rough action of SPAD officials;
  • hotel-sponsored touts in the city;
  • airport pickup restrictions; and
  • prohibiting taxis in the Klang Valley from going beyond Ipoh, Pahang and Malacca.

My Opinion?

The service provider SUCKS. Read it right, not the taxi drivers, I am utterly disgusted with the taxi services here! A long time ago, taxi drivers are honest men, working hard to feed their family, and they would tell you stories from their work, and people they encounter. Then there comes the scammer, the evil, conmen taxi drivers who ruined taxi drivers reputation and metered taxi fares are being introduced. Problem fixed, you think?


Then here comes big companies who provide taxis and hire drivers, and boast of a more systematic management and bla bla.. and we are again bombed with the news that some taxi companies actually modified the bill meter in their cabs so that earn more cash, and scam people! And then some honest taxi drivers protested that since even they installed meters and people still don't trust them, why bother using the meter after all?

Then another bigger company consists of people who thinks they are bloody smart came and said "Hey, we can provide a non-negotiable fare at certain hotspots in the city! " And then funny thing is, that their plan was approved and hence places like bus stations, airports, and other tourists hotspots are filled with a non-negotiable kiosk where you pay at the counter, and show your coupon to the taxi driver and the taxi driver will then drive you to your destination. Seems like a perfect plan, isn't it? Well, perhaps I forgot to mention that, the fares imposed at the non-negotiation counters are EXTREMELY NOT WORTH THE RIDE! *wtf why am I so angry?*

Come on taxi companies, please take a mirror and reflect yourself!
  1. Your taxi stinks with either of this; bad body odor or, cheap fragrance that is suffocating!
  2. Your proton saga/ wira/ waja is old and cranky. Take thailand for instance, the taxi is clean, spacious, and you feel like a VIP taking their service!
  3. Your air-cond is not cold. T_T
  4. Your taxi isn't tinted, on top of your air cond isn't cold.  Malaysia is a hot country, mind you. It's freaking hot sitting in a cab with no tint!
  5. Your driver smokes in the vehicle! wtf!

So tell me why I would want to pay so much for your service?
(Note: a ride from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Puchong is RM37. Thank God i stay deep inside Puchong so I felt it's worth it LOL*

*calm down*

In case I haven't get myself straight, I am actually lambasting the companies that monopoly the taxi services in KL and Klang Valley. You see, the protest arise when taxi drivers felt wronged. They felt as though the government and the people are NOT letting them doing their job and make their life difficult. Well, in some sense, yes, but think again, people!

If your service is GOOD,
Why are you worried about the competition?
Why are you so afraid of the FREE bus service, Go-KL?

Is it because you have no confidence to provide a comfortable transportation compared to a bus?
A taxi is able to fit 4 pax, while a bus may fit 20pax. A taxi can have aircond, while a bus may have aircond but when it is fully loaded, it's stuffy and not comfortable. So, there  ARE people who would choose taxi over bus (like me).

Or it is because you are unable to scam more tourists and eventually disrupt your side income? *sinister look*

Anyway, to all good, nice and honest taxi drivers - Thank You for your service. I really had a great ride in Kuala Terengganu last year when two taxi drivers were so kind to recommend us some local food before we left for KL. Here's a song for you that I hope can cheer you up!


MsXerOZ loves kind and honest taxi drivers