Wednesday, October 3

Setia (Original) vs Setia (2012)

I just happened to listen to the Setia 2012 song being aired in 8TV. I'm going to be honest here. At the same time I'll put refrain myself from saying insensitive things.

I was born in Malaysia,
I grew up in Malaysia,
I lived in Malaysia for 26years,

and no matter how many things I'm frustrated about Malaysia, I still love it from the very bottom of my heart.

So when today, I heard Setia melody being aired, a beautiful reminiscent of my childhood and emotions flooded me. I really wanted to shout out and sing along.

 I kept yelling at my sis, "Wern Wern~ remember this song? One of the BEST patriotic song ever!" and she was blowing her hair and the hairdryer actually covered the sound of the song. and I can faintly hear the melody and sing some lyrics along.

The song may be more than 10 years old, but the lyrics, deeply etch in my heart, body and soul will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

So, in case you are one of those who haven't seen Setia 2012. Here's the MV.


I have decided not to comment on the MV and the message it tries to convey. Well, everyone knows whose propaganda is this. Just close your eyes and listen to the song. Because, if you open your eyes then you will find the song kind of like distasteful.LOL

And here is the original Setia song. (kindly forgive the poor resolution)

Let's sing along~ ^^

Demi negara yang tercinta,
Dicurahkan bakti penuh setia,
Demi raja yang disanjung tinggi,
Kesetiaan tak berbelah bagi,

Kepada pemimpin, kepada rakyat,
Khidmat diberi penuh taat,
Sama bekerja, sama berusaha,
Setia berkhidmat, untuk semua,

Rela berkorban apa saja,
Amanah bangsa tetap dijaga,
Kami berikrar, penuh setia,
Untuk agama, bangsa dan negara....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the original Setia's singer, composer, lyricists, producer and every one who helped produce it. I hope it's not to late to thank them for instilling nationalism in me. I will always be Setia (Loyal) to my agama (religion), bangsa (my people) and negara (my country).

It's always magical to find out that I can remember more words in this song, and it triggers an emotion. One thing I know for sure is that Malaysians (rakyat) should never be divided based on their polical beliefs, race, religion or status.

We are all one, the same - without this country, where do you exist? Hold on to that, and we will all be "Sejahtera Malaysia"...



michleong said...

Original version definitely. Though the new one sounds nice, but the original one gives more "feel" and again, reminds me of the time I was still in school.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Hi Mich,
give me a high-5 haha.. yeah the original Setia song is truly an inspiring, patriotic song. It actually reflects equality - pemimpin dan rakyat, together we loyal to our beloved country!

Sunshine said...


I live in Japan and happened to find your blog when searching information on the song Setia.

I became totally fascinated by this beautiful song when I heard it for the first time on YouTube the other day (sang by Penny Tai, Michal Wong & Fish Leong) and wanted to know more about this song, but I failed to find sufficient information in English.

Was this song a kind of campaign song initiated by the government or do you know how this song was produced and promoted?

And if I may ask, about the newer version of the song from 2012, who´s propaganda is it? Since I have no idea about the situation in Malaysia, I just wondered if it was used as a political propaganda. The newer version sounds modern and nice as well, though, I think.

Anyway, thank you for your article, it helped me to find the original one as well!