Tuesday, October 16

Random Updates! A Hair Dye For My Black Hair!

Ohai everyone~ lately I have been busy watching drama. Remember I mentioned earlier that I am chasing L'Escargot, a Hong Kong TVB drama that revolves around daily lives of an average family, with dreams of owning a home of their own. I finally finished watching the 30-episodes drama yesterday and since this is one of the best TVB drama I watched, I guess I might blog about it soon.

And last weekend, I rushed back to hometown. I haven't been home for about 6 months and my parents are about to disown me already! Thank God i managed to do a haircut and changed my haircolour. With my new look, my cuteness changed their mind of disowning me lolz *joking*

 There's a new hair saloon in Ipoh Jaya (same row with Pasaraya Billion) called Hot Saloon. The hairstylist (Edison) is from the previous shop that I always go, and now he has opened his own shop ^.^. 

Hair cut: RM10
Dye (long): RM90
Dye (short): RM50

 I wanted to perm/ rebond my hair again, but since I have balding issues on my crown (any hairgrowth company wanna sponsor me for treatment?), I decided to not do anything on my hair. Besides, natural hair is going on trend now. Because my hair is too black, I decided to brighten up with a hairdye. This colour is recommended by Edison, and he says that this colour looks nice when taking photographs. And I was even happier hearing that LOL! *easy to be persuaded*

Then back at hometown, it was raining mangoes! The empty house behind mine has a huge mango trees and when it started to rain (due to the monsoon season), we can hear torpedoes of mangoes dropping down.
*bom bom bom bom*

So rather than wasting the mangoes, me and XeROz went to pluck the ripe ones, and we had a feast of mangoes! SWEET & NICE.

p/s got alot of worms though T_T

So this week I'm planning on something fun. Just, stay tune for my updates!

Deepest Love,
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