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L'Escargot TVB HongKong Drama - Reflection on Life's Hardship

Remember last week that I have mentioned about L'escargot in my earlier blog post?  A Hong Kong TVB Drama which I happened to hooked on to. I know it is quite too late to review on this drama but I think good dramas deserves more credit. And so, I would like to share this drama with you all.

From the summary, you may find that there are nothing interesting about the drama, with an unusual title. The escargot is a type of snail, which can be eaten and one of my favourite delicacies (when cooked with garlic/cheese) that looks like this:

My first impression is, huh? why would people do a drama about a snail? HAHA..then I chose not to watch this drama until it was aired in Astro Wah Lai Toi and it got me addicted. Yes, I now HAVE CONFIRMED that this drama is not about snails.

L'escargot revolves around a middle-class Kwan family of a mother and her 4 children. Ka On (eldest), Ka Hong (2nd), Ka Lok (3rd, only daughter) and Ka Wing (youngest son). The story begins after Ka On and his wife, Long Kiu, struggled to buy a place of their own. After some upsetting incident, Ka On, Long Kiu and their only daughter, LamLam moved in back to their mom's small flat to live with the family. Being the eldest in the family, Ka On felt that the whole family well-being is his responsibilities. Whenever his brothers or sisters screwed up, he will sacrifice his whole world to bail them out of the trouble. And all of his self-less action actually jeopardize his relationship with his wife.


Then there's Hong and his wife, Lan, the black sheep of the family. Poor but greedy, Hong lost their home and was forced to move his family in as well. Hence, there are 9 people in a house of 700sqft. With such a congested space, family conflict happens, but overall, they lead a happy life.

Initially, Ka Lok was the one with a better prospect of life, she has a clever, handsome boyfriend who loved her very much. But, she did ONE mistake,  and it ruined her, bringing more troubles to the family.

Wondering what her mistake was? 

She 'accidentally' sold her body to repay debts to Jim, her boss. Jim, in fact, had a crush on Ka Lok, and intentionally pursue her, causing her to be lost in guilt, and wanted to repay him. Despite denying her feelings to Jim, she ate her own words by openly embracing Jim, and did not stop contact with him. She seems to be enjoying being a 'mistress' during her personal time with Jim, but looked soulless when she's alone in the public. Due to her infidelity, she lost the love of her life, Dai Ding.

The beauty of this drama's storyline is that you cannot pin point who is the villian? what is right, and what is wrong? It's exactly like what that has been happening in our life, just that it's the first time I'm looking it as a third person's point of view.

For instance,
  1. Ka On gave his hard earn money to solve his brother's and sister's problem and ease their pain, but at the expense of sacrificing his own family needs. Is he wrong for doing so?
  2. Lan knows that her husband, Ka Hong is good for nothing and cannot fend for her and their kids. So, she fights for him, for love of her family and kids. Is she wrong?
  3. Ka Lok wants to solve her 2nd brother debts caused Dai Ding to be in financial trouble, she turned to Jim who is a millionaire and Jim solved all their money problems. So, she slept with him due to gratitude. Is she wrong?

Ka Wing's relationship with Book King was the fun part of this drama. Though illogical, Ka Wing and Book King have a really sweet chemistry. Ka Wing, being the youngest in the family was quite irresponsible with his money and has no plans for the future. It happened that Book King fell in love with him, proposed to him, married him and being fearful of his controlling, yet funny, wife, he ran away from her. But end of the day, he knew that he couldn't do without her and give her a family. *sweet*

Overall, I would recommend this drama to everyone. After watching this drama, I develop a sense of gratitude towards everything I own now. I have a house, a kind and understanding family, and a peaceful life. 

Life is unpredictable, there's no time to wonder around aimlessly. Opportunity only comes once and in reality, we don't have a person like Jim to save our ass whenever we land in trouble. 

This is a good drama. ^^

p/s the meaning of the title of this drama is being explained in the end of the drama. It says a snail has a heavy burden for it has to carry its home wherever it goes. Just like some humans, owning a home is a heavy burden, like a impossible dream...



Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

On an unrelated note, how's life as a bunny? XD

Reanaclaire said...

When will this drama be showing, Nicole? Looks interesting...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Eat sleep poop lor..

It is currently airing at Astro Wah Lai Toi (chn 411) at 8pm weekdays. Or you can also stream online at

Choi Yen said...

Watched at PPS, very reality drama on current situation of house buying issue no matter at Hong Kong or Malaysia~