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Foundry Workshop at Royal Selangor Malaysia

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (1)

I had so much fun in Royal Selangor Malaysia that I have to break my adventure there into few blogposts =) So today, I happened to have good mood LOL I just realised that I haven't blog about the Foundry Workshop that I had participated last month.

The foundry workshop is the place where we can have a hands-on experience in pewter making process. In this place, we are taught to designing, casting, polishing and decorating. Each step will be guided by an experienced instructor.

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This place may be small, but it is well equipped with the needed tools.

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (6)

All you need to do is, know what to do, and you will be able to do it here. Why do I say that?
Well, I was very excited to make something, but I didn't know what to do. So ended up, I watched everyone designing and casting their pewter accessories and I was still lost.

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (7)

So, ended up Kampung Boy & City Gal (yeah, was in the workshop with them ^.^) starting creating this beautiful, antique-looking lock and key that I decided to make one myself too!


In this workshop, I learn patience, how to control your arm strength in designing, and also how to execute your creativity. It's not really difficult, there are some rubber pads that is pre-designed and all you need to do is pour molten pewter in, wait for it to cool down and ta daaaa, your magic is casted!

So here's the "heart lock" that I prepared myself!


Besides making beautiful state of art designs and structures, I scribbled my name too!
The process of scribbling is really therapeutic. The pewter is hot when it is in molten state, but solidify almost immediately. It's really amazing to see it solidify and shines...

Besides writing alphabets, you can also draw out your favourite object. This are the "rabbits" Redbuttockz Wern designed.

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (4)

At the end of the day, we all went home richer in experience and a souvenir. It was really fun, something enlightening for me because it brought me back to my childhood where we spend time crafting, or playing with something and see the end-results.

TianChad went home looking handsome with this pewter glasses...

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (5)

I went home happier after being able to spell all my name...

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (3)

Redbuttockz Wern went home with a fat rabbit head made of pewter...


The Foundry Workshop is held in Royal Selangor Malaysia Visitor Center (Setapak) with a fee of RM150 for 60mins session. You can read more or book for a session via it's website here.


And if you are a jewellery-lover, in conjuction of the Pink October month,  Selberan and Estee Lauder companies organized a breast cancer awareness campaign. I didn't know that Selberan is one of the brands from Royal Selangor Group of Companies. No wonder the Selberan's jeweleries are so exquisite! So in conjunction of Pink October month, you can buy Selberan Pink Ribbon pendant and pin in lush pink enamel (RM380) and a luxurious Selberan ribbon made in 18K white gold (RM1,650) or 18K yellow gold (RM1,550). These are sold exclusively at Selberan boutiques till the end of this month. Ten percent of sale proceeds from this range will be donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA). (source: The Star, 1st October 2012)

Let us do all we can to boost Breast Cancer awareness amongst men and women alike!


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