Tuesday, October 23

Brainless Erotica -Alvin Tan & Vivian Lee

Needless for me to explain -  recognise these two faces? Malaysia's most famous for their notoriety in sex that even Anwar Ibrahim's whatever buttock-related scandal can move aside. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee. This whole week news has been abuzz by their news.

I has known about them from the internet, a week before the exposure, but since I was pretty busy last week I didn't want to dwell my thoughts into what they did. Well, my first thought is that wow, they are bold and brave.

Now that I have some time off to catch up with some news that I realised how much they have been scrutinised by the public - both Malaysians and Singaporeans alike.

I'm gonna keep this short, and trying my best to be neutral. I'm not here to criticize them for what they have done. First and foremost, who am I to tell them off? They caused embarrassment to themselves and ruined their family's honor.

Dear young teenagers,
raging with hormones and lust, listen up. Practice self-control, you must know that love is not equivalent to lust. Don't ever love for lust and don't lust for love.

When you think that love is above all, and posting pictures of love-making seems like the most wonderful thing that happen to you both, think again.

There's only few reasons on why people want to post their love making scenes in the world wide web that I can think of:-
  1. so in love that they forgot to use their brain to think.
  2. to show to the world that they have been "booked" by someone.
  3. lacking of attention.
  4. to showcase their love-making skills to everyone.
  5. want to be featured and do a remake of the karma sutra.
  6. to dedicate and document their wonderful love making process but forgot to privatize their blog.
  7. dreams to be a pornstar
By publishing their love making scenes, what can they achieve? No doubt that the both of them are swingers (from what I had read somewhere). In case you didn't know, swingers are people who participate in sex acts (group) that exchanging partners are accepted. I don't think this is legal in Malaysia but there are some people who love the thrills of making love to someone other than your wife/girlfriend.

One thing for sure is that this both Alvin an Vivian generated fumes of fury from the society. Certain parties may put the blame of their shameful behavior to their parents. That's what we commonly call "buat malu mak bapak saja".But I personally think that both of them are highly intelligent and are able to make sound judgements by themselves. They should be responsible for their own actions.

Perhaps they didn't think of the consequences that one day, their own children will stumble across their erotic photos - nudity, sex, oral sex and whatever they have published there.

Ok, perhaps they may not have children, but what about the thought of their FRIENDS, UNCLES, AUNTIES, GRANDPA, GRANDMA, FATHER, MOTHER, BOSS, COLLEAGUES, CLASSMATES and whoever they might cross path in future has seen them NAKED, EXPOSED.

*Gross* Because when somebody knew that you did such explicit actions and publicly publish the actions, when they are talking to you, you won't know whether their mind is on the subject matter or is imagining you naked.

Alright then, I wish them all the best and I hope they will be forgotten by the society and have a peaceful life away from all the scandals.

think before you do...


Reanaclaire said...

Yes, read some in the papers.. one word.. Daring...guess now they got to face the consequences..

Henry Tan said...

all kinds of people in this world nowadays.