Tuesday, October 23

Brainless Erotica -Alvin Tan & Vivian Lee

Needless for me to explain -  recognise these two faces? Malaysia's most famous for their notoriety in sex that even Anwar Ibrahim's whatever buttock-related scandal can move aside. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee. This whole week news has been abuzz by their news.

I has known about them from the internet, a week before the exposure, but since I was pretty busy last week I didn't want to dwell my thoughts into what they did. Well, my first thought is that wow, they are bold and brave.

Now that I have some time off to catch up with some news that I realised how much they have been scrutinised by the public - both Malaysians and Singaporeans alike.

I'm gonna keep this short, and trying my best to be neutral. I'm not here to criticize them for what they have done. First and foremost, who am I to tell them off? They caused embarrassment to themselves and ruined their family's honor.

Dear young teenagers,
raging with hormones and lust, listen up. Practice self-control, you must know that love is not equivalent to lust. Don't ever love for lust and don't lust for love.

When you think that love is above all, and posting pictures of love-making seems like the most wonderful thing that happen to you both, think again.

There's only few reasons on why people want to post their love making scenes in the world wide web that I can think of:-
  1. so in love that they forgot to use their brain to think.
  2. to show to the world that they have been "booked" by someone.
  3. lacking of attention.
  4. to showcase their love-making skills to everyone.
  5. want to be featured and do a remake of the karma sutra.
  6. to dedicate and document their wonderful love making process but forgot to privatize their blog.
  7. dreams to be a pornstar
By publishing their love making scenes, what can they achieve? No doubt that the both of them are swingers (from what I had read somewhere). In case you didn't know, swingers are people who participate in sex acts (group) that exchanging partners are accepted. I don't think this is legal in Malaysia but there are some people who love the thrills of making love to someone other than your wife/girlfriend.

One thing for sure is that this both Alvin an Vivian generated fumes of fury from the society. Certain parties may put the blame of their shameful behavior to their parents. That's what we commonly call "buat malu mak bapak saja".But I personally think that both of them are highly intelligent and are able to make sound judgements by themselves. They should be responsible for their own actions.

Perhaps they didn't think of the consequences that one day, their own children will stumble across their erotic photos - nudity, sex, oral sex and whatever they have published there.

Ok, perhaps they may not have children, but what about the thought of their FRIENDS, UNCLES, AUNTIES, GRANDPA, GRANDMA, FATHER, MOTHER, BOSS, COLLEAGUES, CLASSMATES and whoever they might cross path in future has seen them NAKED, EXPOSED.

*Gross* Because when somebody knew that you did such explicit actions and publicly publish the actions, when they are talking to you, you won't know whether their mind is on the subject matter or is imagining you naked.

Alright then, I wish them all the best and I hope they will be forgotten by the society and have a peaceful life away from all the scandals.

think before you do...

Monday, October 22

Would You Tell Your Best Friend's Partner That He/She Cheated?

Ohai Good Morning everybody!
Don't panic here, my best friend is not cheating. Well if she's cheating then probably its with me, JK lol haha..*so lesbo* I was on my way to work and as usual tuned in to Malaysia's Red.fm (FM104.9 klang valley).Well, the topic of discussion today was  

"Your best friend has cheated (two-timing) on his girlfriend/boyfriend. So, would you tell his gf/bf that he/she is cheating?"

Would you?

Well this topic's scenario actually bring me back to my university years when one of my best friend did that to her boyfriend. At that time, she not only cheated on her boyfriend, but her gang of best friends too. It was also the incident that cracked our relationship and we were no longer best friend. So let me tell you the story here.

She was a angel, loved and adored by numerous guys but she loved the one who loved her. This guy would die for her. And as her friend, I truly happy that she abandon her wild ways to love this guy. After few years into the relationship, one famous flirt came into the picture and she was infatuated with his words and action and she dwelt deeper and deeper with this second guy. It was so obvious from her speech, body languages and she even set specific ringtone for this guy, that it is impossible for others not to find out about it, yet alone her boyfriend.

The funny part of this whole story is, her boyfriend's friends lay their loyalty towards her, and not him. None of his friend told him (as far as I know) and this poor boyfriend was left in the dark. It was also at this point some other friends told me that the girl ordered people to hide the truth from me (she must have think I'm blind or stupid) because I will interfere and tell her boyfriend.

The whole scenario I saw and was keeping mum on it. I never questioned her nor confront her. She must have known what she did was wrong that she didn't have the courage to face me, her best friend and had to lie to me whenever she wants to go out dating with the 2nd boyfriend. I was exasperated but I have a rule that I have been sticking to "If he ask me, I would tell the truth. If he didn't then so be it". And it was one stormy night that her bf called, asking her whereabouts that i told him she went out. He was furious, because I think he warned her to stop seeing that guy. I didn't even know who she went out with, and where did she go, so I didn't tell him anything.

And he came, we looked for her around our rented house. Until she came back and said she was talking on the phone with another guy friend all the while so her phone couldn't get through. After that I don't know what happened as the whole scenario made us distant. For I guess I'm the only one who oppose her with this flirt, and for being the one disgusted with my other friends for being loyal to a person that i felt not worthy of. But deep in my heart, i was jumping with joy when the boyfriend managed to reconcile with her and she stopped seeing the flirt.

Years has passed, and I no longer bear the disgust anymore. What's left to me is a question - Was I really that good friend after all?

I wasn't.

Why, you ask? I think that if I am really that good friend of hers, I would have confronted her and asked her what had happened. I didn't. When I heard that she banned others from telling me the truth, I would act as a moral police and reprimand her, I was so angry and hurt that part of me wished she got caught and dumped by her boyfriend (at that one moment only). So, I didn't confronted her and let my own judgment get in the way.

Well let bygones be bygones. And if the same thing were to happen again to any of my best friends I will do the same "As long as your boyfriend didn't come to ask me about your flings, I will not tell. Plus, I will not lie on your whereabouts and who you are with, if i know of it".

What about you? Will you tell or not? Let's share opinions!

Deepest Love,
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Sunday, October 21

L'Escargot TVB HongKong Drama - Reflection on Life's Hardship

Remember last week that I have mentioned about L'escargot in my earlier blog post?  A Hong Kong TVB Drama which I happened to hooked on to. I know it is quite too late to review on this drama but I think good dramas deserves more credit. And so, I would like to share this drama with you all.

From the summary, you may find that there are nothing interesting about the drama, with an unusual title. The escargot is a type of snail, which can be eaten and one of my favourite delicacies (when cooked with garlic/cheese) that looks like this:

My first impression is, huh? why would people do a drama about a snail? HAHA..then I chose not to watch this drama until it was aired in Astro Wah Lai Toi and it got me addicted. Yes, I now HAVE CONFIRMED that this drama is not about snails.

L'escargot revolves around a middle-class Kwan family of a mother and her 4 children. Ka On (eldest), Ka Hong (2nd), Ka Lok (3rd, only daughter) and Ka Wing (youngest son). The story begins after Ka On and his wife, Long Kiu, struggled to buy a place of their own. After some upsetting incident, Ka On, Long Kiu and their only daughter, LamLam moved in back to their mom's small flat to live with the family. Being the eldest in the family, Ka On felt that the whole family well-being is his responsibilities. Whenever his brothers or sisters screwed up, he will sacrifice his whole world to bail them out of the trouble. And all of his self-less action actually jeopardize his relationship with his wife.


Then there's Hong and his wife, Lan, the black sheep of the family. Poor but greedy, Hong lost their home and was forced to move his family in as well. Hence, there are 9 people in a house of 700sqft. With such a congested space, family conflict happens, but overall, they lead a happy life.

Initially, Ka Lok was the one with a better prospect of life, she has a clever, handsome boyfriend who loved her very much. But, she did ONE mistake,  and it ruined her, bringing more troubles to the family.

Wondering what her mistake was? 

She 'accidentally' sold her body to repay debts to Jim, her boss. Jim, in fact, had a crush on Ka Lok, and intentionally pursue her, causing her to be lost in guilt, and wanted to repay him. Despite denying her feelings to Jim, she ate her own words by openly embracing Jim, and did not stop contact with him. She seems to be enjoying being a 'mistress' during her personal time with Jim, but looked soulless when she's alone in the public. Due to her infidelity, she lost the love of her life, Dai Ding.

The beauty of this drama's storyline is that you cannot pin point who is the villian? what is right, and what is wrong? It's exactly like what that has been happening in our life, just that it's the first time I'm looking it as a third person's point of view.

For instance,
  1. Ka On gave his hard earn money to solve his brother's and sister's problem and ease their pain, but at the expense of sacrificing his own family needs. Is he wrong for doing so?
  2. Lan knows that her husband, Ka Hong is good for nothing and cannot fend for her and their kids. So, she fights for him, for love of her family and kids. Is she wrong?
  3. Ka Lok wants to solve her 2nd brother debts caused Dai Ding to be in financial trouble, she turned to Jim who is a millionaire and Jim solved all their money problems. So, she slept with him due to gratitude. Is she wrong?

Ka Wing's relationship with Book King was the fun part of this drama. Though illogical, Ka Wing and Book King have a really sweet chemistry. Ka Wing, being the youngest in the family was quite irresponsible with his money and has no plans for the future. It happened that Book King fell in love with him, proposed to him, married him and being fearful of his controlling, yet funny, wife, he ran away from her. But end of the day, he knew that he couldn't do without her and give her a family. *sweet*

Overall, I would recommend this drama to everyone. After watching this drama, I develop a sense of gratitude towards everything I own now. I have a house, a kind and understanding family, and a peaceful life. 

Life is unpredictable, there's no time to wonder around aimlessly. Opportunity only comes once and in reality, we don't have a person like Jim to save our ass whenever we land in trouble. 

This is a good drama. ^^

p/s the meaning of the title of this drama is being explained in the end of the drama. It says a snail has a heavy burden for it has to carry its home wherever it goes. Just like some humans, owning a home is a heavy burden, like a impossible dream...


Tuesday, October 16

Random Updates! A Hair Dye For My Black Hair!

Ohai everyone~ lately I have been busy watching drama. Remember I mentioned earlier that I am chasing L'Escargot, a Hong Kong TVB drama that revolves around daily lives of an average family, with dreams of owning a home of their own. I finally finished watching the 30-episodes drama yesterday and since this is one of the best TVB drama I watched, I guess I might blog about it soon.

And last weekend, I rushed back to hometown. I haven't been home for about 6 months and my parents are about to disown me already! Thank God i managed to do a haircut and changed my haircolour. With my new look, my cuteness changed their mind of disowning me lolz *joking*

 There's a new hair saloon in Ipoh Jaya (same row with Pasaraya Billion) called Hot Saloon. The hairstylist (Edison) is from the previous shop that I always go, and now he has opened his own shop ^.^. 

Hair cut: RM10
Dye (long): RM90
Dye (short): RM50

 I wanted to perm/ rebond my hair again, but since I have balding issues on my crown (any hairgrowth company wanna sponsor me for treatment?), I decided to not do anything on my hair. Besides, natural hair is going on trend now. Because my hair is too black, I decided to brighten up with a hairdye. This colour is recommended by Edison, and he says that this colour looks nice when taking photographs. And I was even happier hearing that LOL! *easy to be persuaded*

Then back at hometown, it was raining mangoes! The empty house behind mine has a huge mango trees and when it started to rain (due to the monsoon season), we can hear torpedoes of mangoes dropping down.
*bom bom bom bom*

So rather than wasting the mangoes, me and XeROz went to pluck the ripe ones, and we had a feast of mangoes! SWEET & NICE.

p/s got alot of worms though T_T

So this week I'm planning on something fun. Just, stay tune for my updates!

Deepest Love,
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Wednesday, October 10

Wedding Bells Ringing For Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo


Dato' Lee Chong Wei
Wong Mew Choo

Two of our national heroes are tying the knots early next month! The whole Malaysia and badminton fans in the world were anticipating this beautiful union. And recently, pre-wedding preparation photos have emerge in the internet. And here I am sharing those photos with all of you =)

From what has been revealed, Chong Wei has announced that he will skip French Open, and at the same time Mew Choo has quit her role as BJSS coach, hence leading speculations that the wedding will take place soon. Nonetheless, it is also revealed that their wedding would be on 10th and 11th November 2012.

A beach reception is lovely~

I guess from what we can see, the theme is pink and white =)
*my favourite colours*

Well, it is also been speculated that the beach reception will take place in Gold Coast Sepang (based on the background seen below)

Well, can't wait for more information and photos to be released. 

Wishing Chong Wei & Mew Choo a happy wedding =)

Love you both, always..


Holidayyyyyy Where R U?

  Ohai it is a boring afternoon and I'm rusting here. Please someone come polish me lol jk..

It is only Wednesday and it feels so long to weekend. What's left to accompany me is photographs of my holiday memories... *painful*

It is going to be year end soon. What are your vacation plans?

p/s: i deleted my phone photos and I have no idea my phone sync photos from my laptop but all resized. zzz 

Deepest Love,
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Tuesday, October 9

Dating Someone From Workplace

As I head to work this morning, I listened to a topic of discussion that I find interesting - would you date your colleague/ anyone from same workplace?

Would I?

I have never experienced it myself, but logically dating someone from work feels kinda awkward. For me, personally, being a woman, I prefer someone superior, mature, helpful, and with authoritative power. Hence, a person with such criteria would only be higher rank than me. Which most likely be, superior or boss. And since I'm not interested in married or attached men, chances of the "mutual feeling" to develop is NONE. Hah!

Currently I am watching a TVB Hong Kong drama, called L'escargot. In this drama, Jim (Michael Tse), a married boss, silently pursues Ka Lok (Linda Chung). Jim loves his wife, Man Wah (Joyce Tang) but at the same time couldn't control his feelings towards Ka Lok. Man Wah is every men's dream wife - pretty, smart and help Jim during his business conflicts while Ka Lok is naive, honest and simple-minded. And as time pass, Ka Lok eventually develop a mutual feeling, and conflict arises. The whole scenario seems so surreal. Human, men and women alike, have feelings. Being married/attached and staying loyal is one thing, and feeling attracted to someone else is another. Feeling attracted to someone else doesn't mean that he/she love his/her wife/husband less. It is just, uncontrollable, I guess.

Previously I have encountered a girl in her 20s that seem to have a relationship with her superior who is in his 40s and married. My observation of them was filled with disgust. Imagine sharing a plate of rice with your boss, as in two people with one plate. They could have requested for extra plate but they didn't. Imagine you sitting in the back seat and your boss puts his hands on your colleague thighs and rub? She could have pull back, but she didn't. There's alot of disgusting scenes (eg: putting head on shoulder, touching hair) which I do not want to further describe.

I do not oppose in-office relationship or in-office extramarital affairs, as long as, the guy is not my father, husband or boyfriend. But anyway, couples that work together have to maintain professionalism, ethics and be neutral. It is not easy because I have experience an office full with favoritism, bias and disgusting sights. (oh God, what a nightmare!)

The same goes to dating your subordinate. The challenge is there, because no matter how professional you are, there will be gossips and gossips can destroy the team spirit. This only applies if both persons are working in the same team, reporting to the same superior and in the same department.If both individuals are of the same company, but different job scopes, departments and teams, then conflict of interest can be avoided and there should be less problems.

Otherwise, one of them should make a sacrifice.

Deepest Love,
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Monday, October 8

Foundry Workshop at Royal Selangor Malaysia

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (1)

I had so much fun in Royal Selangor Malaysia that I have to break my adventure there into few blogposts =) So today, I happened to have good mood LOL I just realised that I haven't blog about the Foundry Workshop that I had participated last month.

The foundry workshop is the place where we can have a hands-on experience in pewter making process. In this place, we are taught to designing, casting, polishing and decorating. Each step will be guided by an experienced instructor.

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (2)

This place may be small, but it is well equipped with the needed tools.

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (6)

All you need to do is, know what to do, and you will be able to do it here. Why do I say that?
Well, I was very excited to make something, but I didn't know what to do. So ended up, I watched everyone designing and casting their pewter accessories and I was still lost.

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (7)

So, ended up Kampung Boy & City Gal (yeah, was in the workshop with them ^.^) starting creating this beautiful, antique-looking lock and key that I decided to make one myself too!


In this workshop, I learn patience, how to control your arm strength in designing, and also how to execute your creativity. It's not really difficult, there are some rubber pads that is pre-designed and all you need to do is pour molten pewter in, wait for it to cool down and ta daaaa, your magic is casted!

So here's the "heart lock" that I prepared myself!


Besides making beautiful state of art designs and structures, I scribbled my name too!
The process of scribbling is really therapeutic. The pewter is hot when it is in molten state, but solidify almost immediately. It's really amazing to see it solidify and shines...

Besides writing alphabets, you can also draw out your favourite object. This are the "rabbits" Redbuttockz Wern designed.

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (4)

At the end of the day, we all went home richer in experience and a souvenir. It was really fun, something enlightening for me because it brought me back to my childhood where we spend time crafting, or playing with something and see the end-results.

TianChad went home looking handsome with this pewter glasses...

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (5)

I went home happier after being able to spell all my name...

Foundry Workshop Royal Selangor Malaysia (3)

Redbuttockz Wern went home with a fat rabbit head made of pewter...


The Foundry Workshop is held in Royal Selangor Malaysia Visitor Center (Setapak) with a fee of RM150 for 60mins session. You can read more or book for a session via it's website here.


And if you are a jewellery-lover, in conjuction of the Pink October month,  Selberan and Estee Lauder companies organized a breast cancer awareness campaign. I didn't know that Selberan is one of the brands from Royal Selangor Group of Companies. No wonder the Selberan's jeweleries are so exquisite! So in conjunction of Pink October month, you can buy Selberan Pink Ribbon pendant and pin in lush pink enamel (RM380) and a luxurious Selberan ribbon made in 18K white gold (RM1,650) or 18K yellow gold (RM1,550). These are sold exclusively at Selberan boutiques till the end of this month. Ten percent of sale proceeds from this range will be donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA). (source: The Star, 1st October 2012)

Let us do all we can to boost Breast Cancer awareness amongst men and women alike!


Wednesday, October 3

Taxi Drivers Protest in KL

The taxi drivers made it into headlines today for protesting against an implementation of a FREE bus service, called Go-KL to two routes in KL city. The taxi drivers protested for a few hours and blocked off the roads around Jalan Bukit Bintang. According to news, they demanded these few things to be discussed:-

  • the GO-KL bus service;
  • the RM2 coupon charges at selected locations;
  • lack of taxi stands and parking, especially along Jalan Bukit Bintang;
  • continuous issuance of taxi permits;
  • easier renewal of drivers’ registration cards;
  • alleged rough action of SPAD officials;
  • hotel-sponsored touts in the city;
  • airport pickup restrictions; and
  • prohibiting taxis in the Klang Valley from going beyond Ipoh, Pahang and Malacca.

My Opinion?

The service provider SUCKS. Read it right, not the taxi drivers, I am utterly disgusted with the taxi services here! A long time ago, taxi drivers are honest men, working hard to feed their family, and they would tell you stories from their work, and people they encounter. Then there comes the scammer, the evil, conmen taxi drivers who ruined taxi drivers reputation and metered taxi fares are being introduced. Problem fixed, you think?


Then here comes big companies who provide taxis and hire drivers, and boast of a more systematic management and bla bla.. and we are again bombed with the news that some taxi companies actually modified the bill meter in their cabs so that earn more cash, and scam people! And then some honest taxi drivers protested that since even they installed meters and people still don't trust them, why bother using the meter after all?

Then another bigger company consists of people who thinks they are bloody smart came and said "Hey, we can provide a non-negotiable fare at certain hotspots in the city! " And then funny thing is, that their plan was approved and hence places like bus stations, airports, and other tourists hotspots are filled with a non-negotiable kiosk where you pay at the counter, and show your coupon to the taxi driver and the taxi driver will then drive you to your destination. Seems like a perfect plan, isn't it? Well, perhaps I forgot to mention that, the fares imposed at the non-negotiation counters are EXTREMELY NOT WORTH THE RIDE! *wtf why am I so angry?*

Come on taxi companies, please take a mirror and reflect yourself!
  1. Your taxi stinks with either of this; bad body odor or, cheap fragrance that is suffocating!
  2. Your proton saga/ wira/ waja is old and cranky. Take thailand for instance, the taxi is clean, spacious, and you feel like a VIP taking their service!
  3. Your air-cond is not cold. T_T
  4. Your taxi isn't tinted, on top of your air cond isn't cold.  Malaysia is a hot country, mind you. It's freaking hot sitting in a cab with no tint!
  5. Your driver smokes in the vehicle! wtf!

So tell me why I would want to pay so much for your service?
(Note: a ride from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Puchong is RM37. Thank God i stay deep inside Puchong so I felt it's worth it LOL*

*calm down*

In case I haven't get myself straight, I am actually lambasting the companies that monopoly the taxi services in KL and Klang Valley. You see, the protest arise when taxi drivers felt wronged. They felt as though the government and the people are NOT letting them doing their job and make their life difficult. Well, in some sense, yes, but think again, people!

If your service is GOOD,
Why are you worried about the competition?
Why are you so afraid of the FREE bus service, Go-KL?

Is it because you have no confidence to provide a comfortable transportation compared to a bus?
A taxi is able to fit 4 pax, while a bus may fit 20pax. A taxi can have aircond, while a bus may have aircond but when it is fully loaded, it's stuffy and not comfortable. So, there  ARE people who would choose taxi over bus (like me).

Or it is because you are unable to scam more tourists and eventually disrupt your side income? *sinister look*

Anyway, to all good, nice and honest taxi drivers - Thank You for your service. I really had a great ride in Kuala Terengganu last year when two taxi drivers were so kind to recommend us some local food before we left for KL. Here's a song for you that I hope can cheer you up!


MsXerOZ loves kind and honest taxi drivers

Setia (Original) vs Setia (2012)

I just happened to listen to the Setia 2012 song being aired in 8TV. I'm going to be honest here. At the same time I'll put refrain myself from saying insensitive things.

I was born in Malaysia,
I grew up in Malaysia,
I lived in Malaysia for 26years,

and no matter how many things I'm frustrated about Malaysia, I still love it from the very bottom of my heart.

So when today, I heard Setia melody being aired, a beautiful reminiscent of my childhood and emotions flooded me. I really wanted to shout out and sing along.

 I kept yelling at my sis, "Wern Wern~ remember this song? One of the BEST patriotic song ever!" and she was blowing her hair and the hairdryer actually covered the sound of the song. and I can faintly hear the melody and sing some lyrics along.

The song may be more than 10 years old, but the lyrics, deeply etch in my heart, body and soul will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

So, in case you are one of those who haven't seen Setia 2012. Here's the MV.


I have decided not to comment on the MV and the message it tries to convey. Well, everyone knows whose propaganda is this. Just close your eyes and listen to the song. Because, if you open your eyes then you will find the song kind of like distasteful.LOL

And here is the original Setia song. (kindly forgive the poor resolution)

Let's sing along~ ^^

Demi negara yang tercinta,
Dicurahkan bakti penuh setia,
Demi raja yang disanjung tinggi,
Kesetiaan tak berbelah bagi,

Kepada pemimpin, kepada rakyat,
Khidmat diberi penuh taat,
Sama bekerja, sama berusaha,
Setia berkhidmat, untuk semua,

Rela berkorban apa saja,
Amanah bangsa tetap dijaga,
Kami berikrar, penuh setia,
Untuk agama, bangsa dan negara....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the original Setia's singer, composer, lyricists, producer and every one who helped produce it. I hope it's not to late to thank them for instilling nationalism in me. I will always be Setia (Loyal) to my agama (religion), bangsa (my people) and negara (my country).

It's always magical to find out that I can remember more words in this song, and it triggers an emotion. One thing I know for sure is that Malaysians (rakyat) should never be divided based on their polical beliefs, race, religion or status.

We are all one, the same - without this country, where do you exist? Hold on to that, and we will all be "Sejahtera Malaysia"...


Tuesday, October 2

Breaking Up- Is It That Easy? or Is It That Excruciating?

I have been wanting to talk about this issue but had never been able to figure out what actually I feel about it. Somehow as I grew older, and ahem, wiser, my vision has also been wider. If it were in those days, every news of breaking up I heard, I would ask "why?" but now, "why?" "what?" "how?" and "when" are questions I try to resisst from asking, as I find it really insensitive.

Breaking up, in general is a milder version of divorce.Milder, because you don't have an official paper that is written black and white. And both the couple didn't took an oath to truly love, care, and nurture each other their whole life.  It is in a sense that a couple decided that they cannot go on to be together, hence decided to part ways. Parting can be "let us still be friends mode" or "from henceforth I declare you my mortal enemy". But of course it is not as easy as it sounds. Breaking up means parting from the person you love, or once loved. And being together for a period of time, you had never been alone. So, breaking up moment is so very crucial in gaining back your individual self and throughout the process there's this factor called "miss" and/or "regret" which makes things cloudier.

I have fell in love twice, broke up twice and reconciled once. And i find it a very tedious process in a relationship. When I see people surrounding me that supposed to be married, instead, broke up. I couldn't help myself but gasp aloud. But what even shock me further when situation arise as follows:-

A) the breakup victim isolate himself/herself, cannot move on, with suicidal thoughts or action; or

B) "hi everyone, meet my new gf/bf called Honey"

Both situation cause me to be awkward! In the first scenario, yes, suicidal and depression is a norm after breakup. But, don't ever let this negative thoughts conquer you. Do you think your death will ever make any difference? Do you think she/he will come back to you after you died? Do you think she will die for you to join you in the underworld?

Think again.

On another hand, as in scenario B, just as the news of break up just reached your ears and you saw him/her holding another girl/guy. What will be your reaction? What would you do? Approach the new couple or act like you didn't see? It happened to me and I totally failed in acting, I wanted to act sporting, and display those expression of "new gf only mah", instead I nod my head like so many times and my eye opened so wide as though in terror. You see, please forgive my rudeness haha. Personally, I kind of felt that it is disrespectful for either partner if any one of them moved on too fast, say like a couple of weeks time. For me, it takes time to fall in love, and it takes even more time to fall out of love.

Does it take forever to forget someone you once loved?

Or does it only takes a couple of weeks?

I guess both you and I have no answer for this question. All is left in the hands of Master Fate.

What is your take on breakups and moving on?

Deepest Love,
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