Wednesday, September 12

Will and Kate Malaysia Tour (13 to 16 September 2012)

The next few days we will be super excited! The iconic, always-smiling,  royal couple will be arriving to Malaysia tomorrow *yippieee* And I know almost everyone would want to know where will they be heading to, right?

Well, if I am not mistaken, Prince William & Kate Middleton will be seeking an audience with our DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong at our newly built Istana Negara. Well, one of the UK daily reported that our Istana looks like an airport building >.<! HELLO! Our Istana has many domes OK! Airport where got domes! *angry*

Then they will come to visit me. YES, ME!
Yes, I'm not kidding~

I didn't tell you that I actually lived in Borneo and I'm furry? My bad *hehehe*

After the Malaysia-Borneo visit, they will head to Solomon Islands. I didn't know that Solomon Islands is so beautiful!!! This is the private island of Tavanipupu (such a cute name) where Kate and Will will be heading after Malaysia!

Ah..I'm craving for my own holiday. I think I should start saving money to go Mabul, Mataking or Sipadan Islands! Anyone of you have been to the islands yet?

Just in case, if I'm too busy tomorrow, I would like to wish the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, WELCOME TO MALAYSIA!!!


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