Monday, September 10

Volkswagen Das Auto 2012: My Experience

As promised, this is the continuation of my earlier blogpost - Volkswagen Das Auto 2012. (Remember to read it LOL). So what about the event? I would applaud the organizers for such a well-arranged event, emails were sent to us after the online registration,  and we are requested to arrive 1 hour before the time slot that we chose to attend opens.

Then after waiting for about 20 minutes, the show began with comedic old advertisements of the Volkswagen Beetle. Then a group of dancers popped out and for a few seconds through the dance, I thought it was a joke for putting in such a dance. I felt awkward because I was anticipating cars, not dancers...

I totally underestimate volkswagen, suddenly the sound system boomed, and the back drop were moved. The small stage turned to a theatrical show, with the beetles as the star of the show! The prop and stage lights were fantastically beautiful, and you all know I have fetish for all beautiful things! The music, lightings and engines of the car made a great choreography! I really wished I was INSIDE of the car though~ I wanna be part of the dance hehehe ^^

After the dance, and singing performance, we walked to another hall where you can see the cars up close and personal. You can touch, see, smell and even scratch *frown* ok DON'T SCRATCH the cars.

Overall, it was really superb. If I have money, I would buy one beetle immediately! *SERIOUS* I really would like to own a beetle, and I would definitely want a red beetle and paint black spots on the back and name it LADY BIRD! *hiak hiak hiak*

Check out more on the Beetle here.

Alright~ Time to say goodnight!

Sweet Dreams Lady Birds~


Ken Wooi said...

The lighting very cool ah!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Hi Ken, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, the lightings and sound effects are super cool and impressive. I guess having a higher budget really pays off!