Monday, September 10

Volkswagen Das Auto 2012 (KLCC)

The Icon is back!

It somehow made us all felt like "The Dark Knight Rises" and well instead of a superhero emerging to rescue  KL City, comes a beetle.. No, not that lady bug beetle thingy.. It is the Volkswagen Beetle, the iconic car that never sleeps, oh I mean, never go obsolete!

I remembered the old beetle car, which I named as 'kereta kodok' (translation: toad's car) well because of the weird shape. Sorry, no offence. I can explain!!!

When I was little, about 4 to 6 years old, my mom and kindergarten teacher taught me C for car, and the car photo is not shaped like the beetle, but shaped like a proton saga. So, as a kid, proton saga is car, whilst beetle is...just...weird! And at that time, beetle was an antique car, weirdly shaped, and driven by old folks by the likes of my grandfather. Hence, I termed it "kereta kodok".

Now, 20years has passed, the "kereta kodok" I knew evolved. I saw one refurbished car on the road and said "wah this kodok still can move" and my bf told me "if you go race with that car, perhaps you will lose. Damn powerful". Well cars know me better than I know cars. So I was so impressed. Wuah...

That was why I went to see the icon. And people... The kodok has emerged into a PRINCE CHARMING! Still with the weird shape, which now I have to rephrase it into "Unique", the beetle has truly emerged from its shell and now became a car suitable for young and old alike. Beetle has built itself into a small but powerful, unique and classy vehicle!

What about the show?
It was awesome, impressively beautiful. I had some photos at home so I guess I gotta blog about the show soon.

Stay tune!

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