Wednesday, September 5

My Saltwater Aquarium!

My Aquarium

Looking at the beautiful marine ecosystem and I went "WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". It's amazing. Rearing a fish as a hobby is good, but having an ecosystem of marine animals in the aquarium is FANTASTIC!

So me and XerOZ went to gather all the necessary items to start up our "Saltwater Aquarium Project". Items needed:-

  1. A fish tank / aquarium - we got ourself the smallest aquarium possible because we have a really, really small house that fit dwarves. My aquarium is a 24L tank.
  2. Filters - we have two sets of filters, top & internal filters.
  3. Lighting setup - Like every house need to be well lit, aquarium needs light too!
  4. Live Rock - It's an ocean rock that functions as a biological nitrification base which is important to maintain the ecosystem.
  5. Salt water - Chemical salt is dissolved in water to create the perfect medium of life for the saltwater fishes and coral. Also, a specific salinity should be achieve and maintained
  6. Test kits - Gosh, it's like doing urine test to the aquarium everyday for a week! Well, not urine practically, but various tests has to be conducted, analyzed and learn along the way. kH, salinity, nitrate, and nitrite test have to be done to check on the water suitability. Also, not to forget temperature between 24-26 deg Celcius. Bacteria culture is also added in the water for the nitrogen cycle.
  7. Fish & Corals!
So we headed to one of the well known salt water aquarium shop, which was recommended by forumers:- Oceanic Aquatic Sdn. Bhd (Puchong). I really liked the workers here. Although they are foreigners,they are all fish lovers and enthusiasts and are really helpful. I really wished that one day my aquarium will be filled with kaleidoscopic corals and lovely fishes like this!

My Aquarium

The basic varieties of saltwater fish can be found here, clown fishes (nemo), tangs, Dory, starfish, sea urchins, coral and anemone can be found here. Price ranging from RM5 to few thousands. XeRoZ gave me the honor of choosing two fishes for our aquarium. One fish that gave me a hell of a good impression was this

My Aquarium

But looking at it caged separately from other fishes means that this clown fish is highly dominant and territorial. With my cute, small aquarium, I do not want to put in aggressive fishes inside. Hence, I waved goodbye to the maroon clown fish an chose orange clown fish instead.

I was suppose to choose two fish for the aquarium but I chose three. I made up some crap like I read it somewhere that fishes should be reared in ODD NUMBERS for good luck...hahah..XeROZ seems to believe in me so yupz, we packed home three cute little fishes!

And since then, I prayed that these fishes bring us some good luck, otherwise XeRoZ could have guessed that I bullshit him in the shop LOL. *come come good luck* 

So my lucky two clown fish (RM10 each) and blue damsel (RM5) are placed with the anemone. So my clown fish is named Kupipi (dark orange) and Kupipo (light orange), while the blue damsel is called PurpleBoo!

 Since clown fish and damsel are from the same kind of ancestors, they are the only type of fish that can withstand anemone. Clown fish and anemone are actually in some sort of relationship. Yeah *rolls eyes* they are like boyfriend and girlfriend - I feed you and you feed me. Scientifically it's called the symbiotic relationship. Clown fish provides food, while Anemone provides protection.

My Aquarium

We bought a cheap anemone, which is easier to take care of. Until now, I don't know what type of anemone it is. I wanted to get the Bubble Top Anemone, but it costs about RM100++, while this white bushy, white anemone is about RM40. I began to suspect that my clown fish dislike this cheap anemone because they never snuggle inside the anemone before! T.T why arh?

Also we bought a hermit crab, which we named as Xie Lao Ban (Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob Squarepants). I couldnt capture Xie Lao Ban's photo because he's practically the most busy animal inside the tank. He's been digging shit everyday and it is hard to locate him.

Wishing my fish aquarium flourish and grow well, and the fishes are happy here =)



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Jessying said...

So beautiful!!!! But salt water fish but so difficult to take care (many things to do to maintain). Last time my house also got rear fish, one time we went for dinner house no electricty & our backup supply suddenly not working, inside all 20 over fishes died.. So from then onwards we all decided not to rear fish.. siggghhh

Anyway hopefully u this pipipopopo will be blessed with lots of luck.. kena toto and pls belanja mamak!