Wednesday, September 5

My Lemon Basil Project

Oh Gosh, MsXerOz's blog is getting from boring to boringer! First, she talks about the 3 not-so-scary horror stories and then she pops out to show off her new salt water aquarium and today she is bragging about her plant!


DAMN! I can read your minds!

Hey, I'm not bragging about my projects and hobby OK! It's like this, I want my blog to capture things that I find meaningful, and knowing that I'm a very bad, untalented planter, I decided that I have to make a public commitment here.

Up to date, I have killed 4 plants. T_T I'm really THAT bad! From pandan to aloe vera, all dead. Hence, now what's left is a spring onion plant and I bought a lemon basil to play with. Well, actually I intend to cultivate this lemon basil for my babies, Bunny & Fluffy to eat (view their blog here). 

Lemon Basil, or scientifically known as Ocimum x citriodorum is a herb, with strong lemon scent. It is the scent that made me fell in love and decided to buy this plant. Knowing that I have cursed fingers, I did some research on this plant to further understand its growing conditions so that it can be healthy and strong in my care!

The Lemon Basil criteria - hardy and can grow continuously with only water. HAH EASY PEASY YO!

I can foresee that my basil will live! *cocky*



TianChad田七 said...

Let see how long will it last~

Jessying said...

wah how can pandan leave died... hahahah my garden one still survive despite my dog is terrorizing the area

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

lol look down me ya!