Thursday, September 6

My Glitterati Status is BACK! Thanks Nuffnang Malaysia!

Today I happened to load Nuffnang Malaysia website to check on the extension of Axe Anarchy contest and then I saw the dark, green coloured bar with the words "NON GLITTERATI".

In case you don't know what NON-Glitterati is, in MsXeROz's term, it means OUTCAST. sad. Well, I admit I was kinda dramatic, but since my blog reader has been all time low, I thought perhaps rules have changed. Anyway, there's no news on changes of rules but it came as a no surprise though because Nuffnang Malaysia has changed its web layout, and perhaps there is some glitch here and there. hehe.. Nonetheless, my blogger buddies have encouraged me to find out what has happened. So, I drop Nuffnang an email.

To my astonishment, Anne Cheah from Nuffnang replied my email in EXACTLY 5 minutes time. *Applause* Seriously, she deserves a pay-rise + promotion for her efficiency and good service. Anyway, I don't think her boss reads my blog so, too bad.

Not only that, in a couple of HOURS time, my Glitterati status is restored. ^.^
Yay, I'm no longer an outcast! Thanks to the highly efficient tech team as well.

Perhaps some of you would think that I'm being so pathetic over the Glitterati status. Well, you can see my income from blogging up there. I'm not a successful blogger, and my traffic isn't impressive either. Hence, the percentage of people (advertisers especially) to come and give me blogging jobs is like zero. Glitterati & Glitterati Plus offers me many opportunities and fun-filled events, contests and advertorials, that is why Glitterati status is important to me. =)

Once again, I would like to thank Nuffnang, especially Anne & Tech Team for restoring my Glitterati status. Now I can look forward to participate in more events & contests!

Love ya always,

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