Thursday, September 6

Ipoh CCTV Wife Abuse Case - Calven Chik and Amanda Fong

Seems like the world is spinning so much faster now with the existance of Facebook. By now, I bet the whole Malaysia would have known who Calven Chik and Amanda Fong from Ipoh are - well, the 'stars' of the CCTV wife beating recordings. The public is disgusted and almost everyone condemned those actions. Immediately the video became viral throughout the nation.

My opinion, this is a horrid affair and even the Kardashians won't be able to cope with this kind of "reality" show. Blogger Joshua Ong did a very good recap of this incident and you can view his posts here:

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  2. Calven Chik - I Know It Was Wrong. I'm Sorry
The husband is 26 years old, while the wife is 19 years old. Looking at it, their relationship is beyond repair and Facebook became the platform for their feud. Instantly two camps were created: Calven Supporters (who believed he was angry for a reason), and Amanda Supporters (well, she's the victim here in the public eye). Now the fact is that there's also the emerging of a third camp, which I called OMG-Can-You-Both-Please-Stop in which I think I could be the only member of this camp.

I can't ask them to grow up, for they are still young (and immature). Well, both of them are richer than me though, both are entrepreneur and owning cars bigger than mine. Calven drives a BMW while Amanda drives a Honda Insight. Sigh~ on the surface it seems like they have owned everything! A family + a baby on the way, money, cars, running their own business, a perfect life! Well, my dream life actually (not the abusive parts)! But now the whole thing became like Humpty Dumpty and it all came falling down *crash*

Being in a relationship requires not only LOVE, or MONEY. A long lasting relationship lies on the foundation of LOVE, TRUST, RESPECT, and LOYALTY. Then with a strong foundation, you build the pillar of UNDERSTANDING which helps to create a roof called FAMILY. Yes, I know this is so ideal that it is almost unachievable because there are other elements of GREED, LUST, PREJUDICE, and ANGER. The key is, managing emotions.

If you are in a relationship long enough, you would know that during fights or arguments, you have to be alone to sort out your thoughts, and feelings. That is why posting couple fights and arguments on facebook is a no-no. Too many opinions, critisisms and response will only make things worst! Washing dirty linen in public may only give you some sense of victory (for a short period) and self-satisfaction, then imagine what would have happened after that!

That is why, the fights and arguments of both Calven and Amanda camps should never be made public. As with each of them wanting to fight for their innocence or reasons, more dirt came out - affair with a local Dato' (Oooohhh) , stealing money (Ahhhhhhh), bouts of depression and insanity (Oh, dear!!) . Well, both Calven and Amanda should realise, this whole hoohaa that they are creating are just for "public entertainment and news", what they are jeopardizing is themselves - their relationship, career, and family members, oh not to forget, and the baby.

Question is now, how are they going to start afresh? This dirt and mess is kinda sticky and hard to clean.



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