Wednesday, September 19

Holidays Made Me Lazy!

I love holidays,
I criticize Malaysia for having too many declared Public holidays but yet I do love them. I think I have become more and more Malaysian-like as laziness has become a part of me.

At this moment of the year, I yearn for shopping, holiday and a hairdo makeover perhaps! But I have been living in Selangor for so many years and never stepped into a hair salon before! So I feel very insecure with the hair stylist here, I usually head back to hometown to do my hair but life is getting busy lately so I didn't plan to go back Ipoh until October.

So this weekend I hope that I can get invites to sushi making event  and then head off to Muar for a friend's wedding. Then the following week will be cleaning my house for I am hosting a gathering. The disadvantage of a small condo is that you gonna put effort to dissolve the clutters else the house would be super messy!

Oh ya, Bunny my rabbit will be going for castration too so I'm gonna be giving him tender,loving car for next week. He's a bit fragile so I hope he can make it through! *pray for Bunny*

Basically life has been mundane since Prince William and Kate Middleton left! Seems that they are having a fantastic time in Solomon Islands. I wish to visit the islands too!

Yawns... Hope I find my blogging inspiration soon!

Till then muackz!

Deepest Love,
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