Tuesday, September 11

Clique Clinic- New Neighborhood Lifestyle Clinic

*I always have a habit of starting my blog post with some sound effects*
I just realized that I haven't blogged about the most fun, cool, and you-don't-have-to-be-sick-to-visit clinic ever!

Here's the new neighborhood lifestyle clinic called Clique Clinic. Clique Clinic is based at Section 19, Petaling Jaya, is not any ordinary clinic. Their focus is not only on the health well being, but also on physical aesthetic care as well.Well, I shall elaborate more on my upcoming blog post =) stay tuned ya!

I was honored to be invited by Mr. Josh, one of the founder of this clinic to the opening ceremony. And it is actually my first time attending a clinic open ceremony. It is also my first time bumping into Amber Chia, Malaysia's Supermodel Celebrity. It is also my first time, winning a lucky draw (wuahahahha)...

Many photos to come. So I guess I'll share with you more stories on the opening ceremony and my Zap Zap experience during my skin whitening treatment. I think I have a video to share as well. Zap Zap and pigments go away!!!

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