Sunday, September 9

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

What if you happened to stumble across the end of the rainbow?
and what you find isn't pots of gold,
lies in front of you is a gateway to...


You take a deep breath and step into the magic portal. A force pushed you out from the other end, you landed yourself with your face in the sand.
*Puff Puff* You coughed out.

bearing the motto
Uncontrollable Attraction Comes To Paradise

Your eyes caught the signboard and someone who looked like Fay Hokulani standing in front of the signboard. What's more, you focused on the bikini and trunk left hanging on the signboard. WOAH.. you looked back at the Fay Hokulani girl, owh.. "too bad she's dressed," you whispered in your heart, feeling slightly disappointed. Nonetheless, it is such an attractive signboard, decorated with bikini top, something you'll never find in Malaysia.

You pick yourself up, and wipe off the sands on your knees. Suddenly you heard giggles of laughter, you looked up and...

*eye ball almost pops out*

Quickly, you looked away, as your face turns as red as tomatoes. These girls walk pass by you and your hold your breath with every fiber of you praying that your nose doesn't bleed. You feel embarrassed at the same time, because of inferiority.

You then walk ahead and heard a few men keeping their eyes on you. Elated, somehow, this boost your confidence. You took the courage and turned towards them...

 *Your eye ball pops out again*
The next thing you knew, you were running away.

*Pant Pant Pant*
Oh dear, it was a scary sight. You weren't expecting tanned, semi-naked men with revealing beach costume looking at you.  You took some rest by the beach, and something caught your attention...

 U la la~ you always have admired surfers. Especially those who look extraordinary good with the waves..

You watch the surfer rises up to the beach, and...

*Boop Boop

Booop    Booooooop*

That's how hard your heart thumped.

Your heart almost failed when you see the surfer looking at your direction...

He looks exactly like Thor, son of Odin. 


You walked into the nearest hotel, and walked to the balcony. The gentle breeze of wind brushes your skin. You felt as though you are in paradise, just... *you pause*

below you, on the deck of the swimming pool, you spot the Thor-lookalike again,
this time,
he's wrapped in towels and TOPLESS!
You can see the water droplets dripping on his wide, six-packed body.

From that moment on, you knew that he's the one. He's the GOD of your heart!

But the question is HOW?

You took your smart phone and start googling "Uncontrollable Attraction and How To Get A Man"


OK, the search results returned and one of the top website that catches your attention is 
"MsXerOz's Guide To Attract The God of Your Heart"

You clicked.


1. Smell Good Always
MsXerOz says: In attracting opposite sex, bad body odor is a taboo! Ask yourself, would you like to be close to someone with horrid smell? Would you? I bet you won't so, the same applies. Wash up and fix your body odor. Pheromones, or our courting hormones are also being transported by air, and detected by the opposite sex using their olfactory senses (means, nose). Hence, imagine if you are so stinky, how would your pheromones be detected?

2. Be Confident and Display Your Sexiness

MsXeROz says: Nobody is born pretty, or sexy. All you need to do is be confident, and show it off! Sexy doesn't mean that you have to flaunt your body all the time. Sexy doesn't mean you have to dress so little and do free-show stunts like Paris Hilton or Tila Tequila. Sexiness begins with coordination of body and mind. A good body posture can be sexy too!

3. Eye Contact

HAHAHAHA please forgive my horrible make up, cock eye and bushy eyebrows HAHAHAHAA..
MsXerOz's says: Eye contact is extreeeemely important. Eyes are the window to your heart and soul. A person's personality, and feeling can be interpreted by looking at his or her eyes. Eyes can show your compassion, empathy, anger or sadness. Hence, eye contact is one method for you to draw his or her attention to you.

You have done reading THREE, simple yet effective tips on how to catch the Thor-lookalike attention. You start to draft a plan on your head and suddenly you catch him looking at you.

You made eye contact with him, and smile confidently. At that instance, you felt extremely sexy.

He smiled back and came walking towards you.


Paradise Island getaway is only complete with a man by your side!

All thanks  to MsXerOz's AXE Factor!

                               A R O M A
                                                               S E X I N E S S
                                                                          E Y E  C O N T A C T 

Now, this is what you call - The AXE Factor!

Sharing is Caring~ *Hugs*


Note: This blog post is a contest entry for Nuffnang Malaysia Axe Anarchy Island Getaway Contest (link here). Images are used to convey the story of my imagination only. There is no magic portal at the end of the rainbow.

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