Friday, August 24

What Can RM5 Buy?

There is a real life story which I would like to share here- A story about RM5.

I always budget myself on food, and I limit my food expenses to RM50/week. It may look insufficient, but stick to hawker stalls and at least this amount of cash is able to feed me for 8 meals. So this week there's only 3 working days, and I had my favorite food for dinner the night before - Nando's!

Everyone would know Nando's is delicious but expensive! 1 quarter chicken with 3 sidelines cost about RM19.90 (with tax = RM23.10), and free flow ice lemon tea RM5.90 (with tax=RM6.85). Consider myself as a person in "poor category", I find Nando's to be expensive, but it is something I love! I didn't order quarter chicken with 3 sidelines though,  I ordered the hanging chicken with grilled capsicums, I can't remember the name,  (RM29.90) and iced lemon tea and by end of the day after buying something, I was left with RM5.

Knowing that I have no money, I followed my sis and Tianchad to McDonald's for dinner yesterday. I thought bf has money, then he thought I have money. Sis didn't bring so much cash as well. Then suddenly everyone is nice to TianChad XD

Well i have RM5, but what can I buy with RM5?

- French Fries?
- Sundae?

Definitely no burgers that is priced less than RM5. Even the nugget is more than RM5!!!TianChad suggested that I order medium drinks and keep refilling until I become full. T_T so sad!

Thinking about my powerless RM5 makes me realize how much our money has inflated over the years. I used to remember a packet of Mamee Monster costs about 10cents. And now it is 30cents (plus, smaller sized compare to last time). Choki Choki costs RM1/pack and now it is RM1.30/pack. A piece of Yong Tau Fu costs 50cents/pc and now it's RM1.20/pc!!!

So, imagine if you think that RM5 is sufficient to survive 1 meal, it is actually not enough, (unless you order wantan mee kosong/ chee cheong fun kosong) warm water or iced Chinese tea)

My normal lunch food:
*** Pan mee (RM4.50) + hot barley (RM1.40)
*** Charsiu Wantan (RM4.50) + kopi peng (RM1.80)
*** Salted fish fried rice (RM7) + herbal tea (RM2)
*** Fish head mihun(RM7) + Chinese tea(50cents)

Sigh.. Really! I need more than RM5 for a simple meal! I cant survive with only RM5!!!!!!

*sob sob*
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Earning money is not easy,
Saving money is even harder,
It is OK to sometimes be stingy,
Else one day you will suffer.

I don't hope to be rich in cash, i hope to be rich in knowledge and wisdom.

Deepest Love,
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yeekai5 said...

nice quote: TianChad suggested order medium drinks and keep refilling until I become full.

yeekai5 said...

nice quote:TianChad suggested medium drinks and keep refilling until I become full.

Xue Ren said...

agreed! money is hard to earn! =X

Mabel Low said...

Come to Ipoh. You can order a bowl of noodles and many fried 'lius' for less than RM5 ;)