Monday, August 13

Spice Girls @ London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony

When I was in my teenage years, I was so obsessed with Spice Girls. And then we all grew up together and Spice Girls became history. T_T Well, yesterday's London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony shows me how much I missed them ^.^

The crowd roared when the Spice Girls emerged out from the London Taxis, and then Mel B started out with WANNABE - Yo, I tell you what I want, what I really, really want... Then, they medley it with SPICE UP YOUR LIFE. ~ La La La, La La La La La La~!!

In case you have forgotten who the Spice Girls are:- Here's a brief intro...

Mel C - Sporty Spice, currently a mother of one. She has a very unique voice, and prefers wearing pants than dress. My favourite Spice Girl in 1997 because she's cool!

Emma Bunton - Baby Spice, currently mother of two. She was the one with the baby face and sweetest voice. She was my primary school friends favourite Spice Girl. At one point everybody wants to be Baby Spice. She was never my favourite. Despite being labelled as the LAST Spice Girls performance ever, Emma's dress was really understated, although she do look sweet in pink.

Mel B - Scary Spice, currently mother of three. I think she has the strongest vocals amongst the Spice Girls, and she is also known to have wacky sense of style in the 1990s. Yeah, it can be considered that she was the "Lady Gaga" of the 90's. So here she is in a sequinned bodysuit by Zuhair Murad. Sexy yeah!

Geri Halliwell - Ginger Spice, mother of one. She was the sexiest Spice Girl. Small girl with big personality. She was really wacky but somehow left Spice Girls due to depression (or friction among group members). It was really a sad moment for me when the other Spice Girls continue their journey and made songs dedicated to her in "Goodbye" and "Viva Forever". Her solo career went on OK (I bought her 1st solo album) hehe...and my favourite song is Mi Chico Latino.

Last but not least,
Victoria Adams (aka Victoria Beckham) - Posh Spice. She has four children and now leading a highly prolific life being married to famous, good looking footballer, David Beckham. She is now an emerging designer of her own brand Victoria Beckham which I am really fond of. Posh as she is, she treated last nights performance like her own runway. Love her style and sexiness. She wowed us all in her black strapless dress by  Giles Deacon. Beautiful dress that accentuates her tiny frame, and her legs!

Being a Spice Girl fan, I totally loved their performance. Haven't watch it yet? Here's the video. OMG I just found out that all the videos I watched earlier was deleted due to breach in terms. Too bad. You can check this link for a short clip.

"Colors of the world!             Spice up your life 
   Every boy and every girl!     Spice up your life!
       People of the world!!            Spice up your life, aahh"



AtoZ said...

I missed this one!

Xue Ren said...

Spice Girls, still hot as ever! :DD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Wawaroxx, ya me too! I didnt watch the closing ceremony!

Reanaclaire said...

Spice Girls! so long never heard of them already.. so you grew up with them.. as for me, i grew up with Michael Jackson! hahaha... long time ago..