Wednesday, August 15

Section 114A of Evidence Act To Be Reviewed By Cabinet

I don't know if there are anyone who are not aware of the INTERNET DARKEST DAY FOR MALAYSIANS, where people of all races, religion and age united to protest against Section 114A.

Let me give you a brief recap on what was the issue with section 114A. *flashbacks*

With the emerging of technology, and the wide usage of the internet, information can be traveled worldwide in a matter of seconds. This brings so much convenience to internet users, but also can be misused by certain parties. As such, rumours and malicious lies on Malaysia and the government causes massive negative publicity and tarnishes our beloved country's image.

Due to such, our government were deeply concerned and hence a group of kind and rightful people suggested to abolish the ISA(Internal Security Act) to regain public trust. The ISA permits detention without trials of any individuals believed to have done harm the country. With ISA gone, Section 114A was created to fill in and this is where law enforcement can hold one accountable for publishing seditious, defamatory or libelous content. Section 114A works in the way that as long as the defamatory contents are traced back to one's username, device and/or WiFi network, then you can be charged.

The section 114A caused unrest among internet users in Malaysia because for many vocal people like me, this law can threatens the right to freedom of expression. It's as though the government sending us a message "Either you shut the freak up, or you write ONLY good stuff about us, otherwise we will find you, hunt you and lock you"

(lol exaggerated)

Nonetheless, with the massive protest ongoing, the government announced that our Prime Minister, Dato Seri  Najib Razak was deeply concerned and has tweet that "People comes first" in every decision-making that will be done pertaining to this matter. Ok, seems like a good start. At least, whenever the country feels or seems like going down the drain, we have our Prime Minister turning up, defending and shielding us from the harm. For this, I would like to thank him. Or maybe this whole thing is being staged, nobody knows.

Section 114A should further be improvised so that it can be beneficial to bring justice but at the same time do not bring trouble to avid internet users. So, I rest my case for now. Let us all see what will become of Section 114A in near future- an asset to the nation or a liability?

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Charmaine Pua said...

My blog was on blackout too in support of Stop 114A movement! :D

Unknown said...

i bet this is just to calm everyone down so that the international media will not follow up that extensively. Expendables 2 review

The M said...

end up doing nothing and allow this section to goes on...