Thursday, August 30

Horror Story #3: Who Is In That Toilet?

Turns my head.
Look into your eyes, and...

Transform into a werewolf.

ROFL. Sorry, thats not my horror story for today. Well, I just realised that today is the Lunar infamous date - 14th day of 7th month. Tonight, will be the Hungry Ghost Festivals and I wish all ghosts and ghouls who read my blog, wishing you Happy Festivities and enjoy ya!

So, here's a story which I can hardly remember and I don't even know whether it's real or not, so the verdict lies in your imagination. This happened when I went for my prefect camp for leadership training in Form 3. I could remember things very well but somehow this incident I had forgotten and I had to squeeze my memory cells for this incident. My camp was held in Pangkor Island, and I remember we stayed in a dormitory-like room provided by the hotel.

Upon arriving, we were grouped in 4 people per room. The dorm was very small, fitting two double decker beds on the left wall and right wall. Me and my friends were lucky, I consider, to have a room facing the front. There are two or three rows of dorm rooms, located at the far end of the hotel. Behind the row of dorm is the forest. The further rooms are all even more spooky! Like any other dorms, toilets and bathroom are located outside. As evening falls, we were served with seafood BBQ and after that we will have group activities. So after having the BBQ, we are regrouped into categories, and right before the presentation and games, I asked my friend, Sara to accompany me to my room to get my camera. So both of us, walked the dark, dimly lit corridor to the room. Then she said she need to go to the toilet and I accompanied her.

The toilet has two cubicles, and one of them is occupied. So I let Sara use the available cubicle first and waited for the 2nd one. After some time, Sara exited and I entered. Then after finishing my business, I came out and Sara looked puzzled. She pointed to the toilet and said "Why so long one? She OK or not?" I just shrugged and wanted to walk out. Just as we wanted to exit, Pui Leng came in and we decided to wait for her. As Pui Leng came out, we knocked on the 2nd cubicle, and pushed. We asked "Hey are u ok?". We knew at that time that any one using the dorm toilet should be our schoolmates, so we decided to check her out due to concern. Then Pui Leng pushed the door harder, thinking perhaps nobody is inside. But the door was locked from inside. Ok, so Pui Leng bents and peep from the bottom. "EIH, NOBODY GEH?"

Without thinking much, I bent down and have a look myself. But all I could see is my own hair covering my eye and suddenly I realised, I don't want to know. So, I rose up and said, "let's get out of here". As we went back to our group, we began to shiver out of fear. Then Sara, me & Pui Leng prayed to God so that whatever it is we have bumped into, please protect us from it for the night. Then we checked with Pui Leng, she said she saw the toilet bowl (seat type) with no legs. She's not sure whether what she sees is true or not, but she definitely sees the toilet bowl. Then, we saw a bunch of Malay girls came from the dorm direction, I asked one girl. The toilet available or not? 1 cubicle or 2? Anyone inside? She looked curious when I asked her, then she told me "both also available".

The next day, all three of us went for a swim in the morning before we left. The pool is up to my shoulder-depth and we were just soaking and chatting and laughing. Out of sudden, I saw a huge amount of water splashing and I just grab whatever it is underneath and pull it up. To my surprise, it was Pui Leng. I asked her "OI, whats wrong with u?" She said, "Dunno, I'm very scared of water". I said "HAR? but you are taller than me, and we can practically stand in the pool easily." She, practically still gasping for air and hugging me tightly, replied "Dunno why my head can't be lifted up".

Whether the two incidents are related or not, I have no idea. But thinking about it, really spooked me up. The following week in school, Pui Leng told my sis, that I saved her from drowning. *proud*

Hahaha.. I guess it is not scary story but a mysterious one! Hope you enjoyed reading!



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Merryn said...

It's scary alright esp the part where Pui Leng is underwater! Creepy!