Tuesday, August 28

Horror Story #2: The One Who Slept Beside Me

Today's rain has sparked the gloominess in me. So it triggered me to write out my encounter with the unexplained being. So here's my real life encounter *enjoyz*

March last year, I went for a business trip in Shanghai, and after the meeting ended, me and colleague extended our stay and moved to a cheaper hotel. From a 5-star hotel surrounded by autumn leaves and country view, we moved to a 7-storey corner shop lot hotel surrounded by hospitals. Our check-in was also delayed, and due to insufficient room, we are given a temporary room for one night which is a corner room, located near the lift.

Due to the long wait, I totally forgotten to knock the door and ask permission before I enter. It is believed that if the rooms are occupied by the unseen, and if you ask permission to stay before entering then the unseen will not disturb you. Well I accidentally skipped that part and mess the room with my stuffs. Although the room was brightly lit, the sounds of the hospital ambulances and cars were disturbing. The sirens wound sound every 5 minutes or so and it is so hard to rest in the room.

As night falls, I lay on the bed awake playing game on my hand phone. It was a big, double bed. My colleague was fast asleep on my right. I stacked up two pillows and continued playing. The sounds of the sirens, honking and ambulance was so noisy that I couldn't sleep, but somehow I dozed off.

I remembered I removed my glasses and place my hand phone on the side table and turned off the side lamp. I wasn't that deep into my sleep due to the sounds. I closed my eyes but my brain is awake. Occasionally I would doze off. Then, as I was in deep sleep, my head fell as though I was at the edge of the bed. So I opened my eyes and look. Too my astonishment, I was not at the edge of the bed, so why my head dropped? I looked at my double-stacked pillow and saw that beside me, there's an unseen force that compressed my pillow flat! It was a spherical shape force (either a butt or a head). I closed my eye, my heart was thumping so fast that I could hear it myself. I didn't dare to pray, because that "thing" didn't actually disturb me. I didn't want to provoke it. So I closed my eye again and didn't even change direction. I was still facing the compressed pillow!

At that point of time, the the room was quiet, no sounds of honking or ambulance siren. It was peaceful, and despite shivering in fear, I dozed off. As I was dreaming an empty dream, I woke up again when I heard cars honking. Then I felt the compressed pillow slowly rising up again. I could feel it because the fluffy pillow touches my skin. I opened my eyes and the pillow shape had returned to normal. Then I started praying, thank God for nothing terrifying happened. Then I quickly pulled out one of the pillow which I had stacked earlier and threw it somewhere else and finally turned direction to face my colleague.

I then continued trying to sleep with the sounds of sirens disturbing me.

*the end*

Well, thinking back this story, i don't know whether it's a dream or real. But i opened my eye and saw the pillow compressed flat. Could it be:
A) a fat, heavy tired soul sleeping beside me? Looking at me pretending to sleep?
B) "someone" sitting on the pillow, with me facing on his/her buttocks?


Deepest Love,
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RedButtockz Wern said...

i think its B. did you smell something weird? like smelly fart? xD