Monday, August 27

Horror Story #1 : The Girl With Black Ribbon

I am very intrigued with spooky tales that I read or was told by word of mouth. Let me begin the #1 horror story that frightens me most in my childhood.

A long time ago, lived a beautiful girl. She has long, silky black hair and pink luscious lips. She would dressed up prettily and have many  friends. One day, one of her friend noticed that she always has a black, velvet ribbon tied on her neck. So, she asked her, "why do you always have a black ribbon tied on your neck?". She  looked at her friend with a sinister smile, and replied "you'd be sorry if I do, so I won't"

Years after that, a young man met and fell in love with her. He was mesmerized by his beauty. And yes, she was beautiful in a strange, mysterious way. They got along well, and got married. She wore a white gown, with white veil and gloves, but on her neck, still, lies her black velvet ribbon. So he asked, "Don't you ever take off your ribbon?" She said,"You'll be sorry if I do. So I won't."

He find her answer disturbing but he ignored it. As time flies, he found his wife asleep and out of curiosity, he pulled the ribbon on her neck. Slowly.... The ribbon began to untie and loosen up..


His wife's head fell off her neck and landed on the floor with a thump... And her voiced echoed " You'll be sorry... YOU'LL BE SORRY"In front of him lies a dried skeleton-like being, with a head of an old lady....

*the end*

Well, I know everyone would have heard this story by now but this was my first horror story being told to be and somehow it etched deeply into my memory. I think I was 6 years old and in my kindergarten, I kept looking at my classmates to see whether anyone's neck has a black ribbon or not! Because if someone really has a black ribbon tied on the neck, it means her neck and head are not stick together!!!! *cant believe I was so stupid to think that!* I guess I was too young to know what ghosts are then.

What are your childhood horror story? Mind to share?

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