Sunday, August 19

Fair Play Indoor Soccer Center

It never fails to amaze me on why guys live to run and chase after a ball. It also never fails to surprise me on why I would occasionally drop by and watch them chase after a ball for 3 hours.

Yes, this is where I am live blogging now - Fair Play Sports Indoor Soccer (Off Jalan Kuari). This is the first indoor soccer center in Cheras with two futsal courts for futsal enthusiasts. Small, but yet sufficient. Well lit, with a small parking area, this center is manned by a friendly Indian operator called Babu. My friends have fixed schedule that Babu could practically remember their names, cars and even girlfriends!

The screams of joy after scoring a goal, and the very so often yells of pain, filled this center. But at most of the times, the players truly emerge out of their shells and played their bests. I can see the joy, frustration, agony and exasperation on their faces. I guess this is what sports is all about!

Equipped with 4 tables and 14 chairs, a television that airs Tamil programs, and a soft drink counter, I guess this would be a very basic indoor soccer facility. I would suggest viewers to pee and poop at home because, although there is toilet facility (male and female), you won't want to walk in there because the stench could mentally kill u. *serious* But not to worry if you cant withstand it anymore, I assure you that at this point of time, there's no official reported deaths due to horrid toilet stench. So, as long as you can hold your breath long enough, you may do your 'business' here.

Ok, that's all I have to say about Fair Play Sports Indoor Soccer. Here's the address:

Lot 9,Jalan Bukit Pandan,
Off Jalan Kuari,
Cheras Baru,
56100 Kuala Lumpur,

Deepest Love,
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Henry Tan said...

wow why would u go there.. haha. how abt the price there?

Vince G said...

You don't understand wei, football is life to some of us guys. It's like we're destined to be with a football for the rest of our lives.