Monday, August 20

Cute Mooncakes From TianChad

The festive season never ends in Malaysia! Just as everyone was excited for the Hari Raya celebration on the 19th and 20th of August, the chinese were busy preparing mooncakes for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival.

Thinking about Mid-Autumn Festivals really makes me happy. It was during my celebration with the Loo family (bf's maternal family) that I understood what this celebration is all about. For over 23years, I perceived the mooncake festivals as a celebration to celebrate yucky mooncake. Of course, since young, being brought up in a Chinese family, it is a MUST to know about the mooncake celebration - A celebration to remember the moon goddess, Chang 'Er

There's also a story on how in the ancient China, the people gathers intelligence to overthrow the evil emperor by stuffing notes and passing them around in the mooncakes. But still, I don't understand why must we celebrate mid-autumns and eat those super-sweet mooncakes?? I found my answer during my encounter with bf's family here. (reference: Happy Mid-Autumn Day). Bf's mother told me that no doubt mooncakes originated from the Chang Er's story, locally though, we celebrate mooncake as a family reunion day. The 15th day of the 8th month (lunar calender) every year, we will see the brightest moon. This is where family members get together, drinking chinese tea, admiring the moon while eating mooncakes. She gave me a whole new meaning of celebrating this festival. Hence, from then onwards, I would buy mooncakes for my parents, wishing them a Happy Mooncake Festival - wishing they would always be happy, and fulfilling like the big, full, bright, shiny moon. 

And when TianChad went for learn-to-make-mooncake session I was so proud of him!!! ^.^V Here's a peek on the mooncake he had brought home.

Mooncakes (1)

One is made by his sifu (the master) and another is solely made by him. Guess which one?

Mooncakes (2)

Tee Heee, you guessed it right! It's the one more heavy and faded ones. The white stuff on top of the mooncake is not white fungus or mold. My guess is that it should be a powdery stuff (eg: Icing sugar) to sprinkle on top of this specially made skin to avoid the skin from sticking to the casing and ruin the shape of the mooncake.

Mooncakes (3)

Question: Is TianChad's mooncake delicious?

Here's the verdict:-

Mooncakes (4)

Mooncakes (5)

A picture means more than a thousand words. WAKAKA..Here's my judgement:-
Physical appearance: OK, looks like a mooncake ^.^
Skin: GOOD. The Charcoal Bamboo skin was really delicious. Not too sticky and didn't get stuck on my teeth.
Paste: TOO SWEET. The passion fruit flavoured paste has a unique fragrance but is just too sweet for my liking.

However, I find myself that the sweetness of this mooncake is neutralised by a cup of chinese tea. So, remember this formula:

Mooncakes + Chinese Tea = SUPERB!

 Mooncakes (6)

Now, make way~
I am heading to my balcony and look at my imaginary moon~

P/S: TianChad is really good in his 1st attempt to make mooncakes. So if you need someone to help you make mooncakes, feel free to contact him LOL *jk*



Xue Ren said...

woah! tian chad bake mooncakes eh? not bad not bad! :D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

yeah..he's good LOL!

Henry Tan said...

wow so fast mooncake ad?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

yeah.. thats what we are looking after 7th month right?