Friday, August 10

Bronze Medal from Pandelela Rinong, Women's 10m Individual Platform @ London Olympics 2012

Happiness for Pandelela Rinong

Woke up with a HAPPY HAPPY NEWS!

Pendelela Rinong won us a Bronze Medal in the London Olympics 2012 Games! 
YAHOOOOOO.... *leap with joy*

19-year old Pandelela had a shaky start of the games but fought back hard and earned herself the 3rd Place with the score of 359.20 points!  If I am not mistaken, she is also the flag bearer for Team Malaysia during the opening ceremony!

This means we currently have not one, but TWO precious medals (and perhaps a Gold on the way) for the Olympics. It takes a lot of focus, determination and drive for our sports hero to strive to the podium. It so amazing that Pendelela is the FIRST FEMALE medalist for Malaysia. ^.^ 


Congratulations Pandelela!

Though I have missed your finals telecast, I am sure you rock it like a champion!
I am 100% sure that I cannot do - leaping from 10m high platform  (although there is a pool down there). I am so AMAZED by you!

Thank you for representing Malaysia! MUACKZ!

MsXeRoZ is amazed!

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