Friday, August 3

Badminton Men Singles Semi Finals - Lee Chong Wei vs. Chen Long


I am currently watching the Live game @ ASTRO 849. Our country's hero leads the game with 21-13 *SCREAMS* in 23 mins!!!

Throughout the game screams of "Jia You" and "Malaysia Boleh!" can be heard. It was thrilling watching Chong Wei perspiring, and his reflex was amazing! Chen Long was incredible as well! With his toned and fit body, his response were fantastic!

I'm not a sport commentator, I just a supporter so forgive me for my simple comments hehe =) Ok the game continues. Be right back!

China is fighting back! Grip on tight Chong Wei!

The second half was CRAAAAZY!!! Chong Wei and Chen Long fought neck to neck. Their eyesight, reflex and response were AMAZINGLY GOOD. At one point, I thought Chen Long is going to overtake Chong Wei. Fortunately, Chong Wei picks up the pace pretty well.


Malaysia moves forth to Badminton Men Singles Finals London Olympics 2012.

With Dato' Lee Chong Wei declaring that this will be his last Olympics game, will he achieve his dreams and bring home the G O L D medal?

MSXeRoZ for Malaysia!


Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, you're fast! Wishing Dato #LCW all the best :D Hopefully he can bring back Msia first gold medal!

Reanaclaire said... the pictures!!! where did you get them? I didnt manage to snap them on TV! hahahaa... i m so excited.. but then dont get our hopes high.. this Lin Dan is also all out to retain his title!
Hey, you are also a great badminton fan? *shake hands!*

FiSh said...

all the best to him! i think im one of those who are waiting for the baskin robbins :P

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