Thursday, August 30

Horror Story #3: Who Is In That Toilet?

Turns my head.
Look into your eyes, and...

Transform into a werewolf.

ROFL. Sorry, thats not my horror story for today. Well, I just realised that today is the Lunar infamous date - 14th day of 7th month. Tonight, will be the Hungry Ghost Festivals and I wish all ghosts and ghouls who read my blog, wishing you Happy Festivities and enjoy ya!

So, here's a story which I can hardly remember and I don't even know whether it's real or not, so the verdict lies in your imagination. This happened when I went for my prefect camp for leadership training in Form 3. I could remember things very well but somehow this incident I had forgotten and I had to squeeze my memory cells for this incident. My camp was held in Pangkor Island, and I remember we stayed in a dormitory-like room provided by the hotel.

Upon arriving, we were grouped in 4 people per room. The dorm was very small, fitting two double decker beds on the left wall and right wall. Me and my friends were lucky, I consider, to have a room facing the front. There are two or three rows of dorm rooms, located at the far end of the hotel. Behind the row of dorm is the forest. The further rooms are all even more spooky! Like any other dorms, toilets and bathroom are located outside. As evening falls, we were served with seafood BBQ and after that we will have group activities. So after having the BBQ, we are regrouped into categories, and right before the presentation and games, I asked my friend, Sara to accompany me to my room to get my camera. So both of us, walked the dark, dimly lit corridor to the room. Then she said she need to go to the toilet and I accompanied her.

The toilet has two cubicles, and one of them is occupied. So I let Sara use the available cubicle first and waited for the 2nd one. After some time, Sara exited and I entered. Then after finishing my business, I came out and Sara looked puzzled. She pointed to the toilet and said "Why so long one? She OK or not?" I just shrugged and wanted to walk out. Just as we wanted to exit, Pui Leng came in and we decided to wait for her. As Pui Leng came out, we knocked on the 2nd cubicle, and pushed. We asked "Hey are u ok?". We knew at that time that any one using the dorm toilet should be our schoolmates, so we decided to check her out due to concern. Then Pui Leng pushed the door harder, thinking perhaps nobody is inside. But the door was locked from inside. Ok, so Pui Leng bents and peep from the bottom. "EIH, NOBODY GEH?"

Without thinking much, I bent down and have a look myself. But all I could see is my own hair covering my eye and suddenly I realised, I don't want to know. So, I rose up and said, "let's get out of here". As we went back to our group, we began to shiver out of fear. Then Sara, me & Pui Leng prayed to God so that whatever it is we have bumped into, please protect us from it for the night. Then we checked with Pui Leng, she said she saw the toilet bowl (seat type) with no legs. She's not sure whether what she sees is true or not, but she definitely sees the toilet bowl. Then, we saw a bunch of Malay girls came from the dorm direction, I asked one girl. The toilet available or not? 1 cubicle or 2? Anyone inside? She looked curious when I asked her, then she told me "both also available".

The next day, all three of us went for a swim in the morning before we left. The pool is up to my shoulder-depth and we were just soaking and chatting and laughing. Out of sudden, I saw a huge amount of water splashing and I just grab whatever it is underneath and pull it up. To my surprise, it was Pui Leng. I asked her "OI, whats wrong with u?" She said, "Dunno, I'm very scared of water". I said "HAR? but you are taller than me, and we can practically stand in the pool easily." She, practically still gasping for air and hugging me tightly, replied "Dunno why my head can't be lifted up".

Whether the two incidents are related or not, I have no idea. But thinking about it, really spooked me up. The following week in school, Pui Leng told my sis, that I saved her from drowning. *proud*

Hahaha.. I guess it is not scary story but a mysterious one! Hope you enjoyed reading!



Tuesday, August 28

Horror Story #2: The One Who Slept Beside Me

Today's rain has sparked the gloominess in me. So it triggered me to write out my encounter with the unexplained being. So here's my real life encounter *enjoyz*

March last year, I went for a business trip in Shanghai, and after the meeting ended, me and colleague extended our stay and moved to a cheaper hotel. From a 5-star hotel surrounded by autumn leaves and country view, we moved to a 7-storey corner shop lot hotel surrounded by hospitals. Our check-in was also delayed, and due to insufficient room, we are given a temporary room for one night which is a corner room, located near the lift.

Due to the long wait, I totally forgotten to knock the door and ask permission before I enter. It is believed that if the rooms are occupied by the unseen, and if you ask permission to stay before entering then the unseen will not disturb you. Well I accidentally skipped that part and mess the room with my stuffs. Although the room was brightly lit, the sounds of the hospital ambulances and cars were disturbing. The sirens wound sound every 5 minutes or so and it is so hard to rest in the room.

As night falls, I lay on the bed awake playing game on my hand phone. It was a big, double bed. My colleague was fast asleep on my right. I stacked up two pillows and continued playing. The sounds of the sirens, honking and ambulance was so noisy that I couldn't sleep, but somehow I dozed off.

I remembered I removed my glasses and place my hand phone on the side table and turned off the side lamp. I wasn't that deep into my sleep due to the sounds. I closed my eyes but my brain is awake. Occasionally I would doze off. Then, as I was in deep sleep, my head fell as though I was at the edge of the bed. So I opened my eyes and look. Too my astonishment, I was not at the edge of the bed, so why my head dropped? I looked at my double-stacked pillow and saw that beside me, there's an unseen force that compressed my pillow flat! It was a spherical shape force (either a butt or a head). I closed my eye, my heart was thumping so fast that I could hear it myself. I didn't dare to pray, because that "thing" didn't actually disturb me. I didn't want to provoke it. So I closed my eye again and didn't even change direction. I was still facing the compressed pillow!

At that point of time, the the room was quiet, no sounds of honking or ambulance siren. It was peaceful, and despite shivering in fear, I dozed off. As I was dreaming an empty dream, I woke up again when I heard cars honking. Then I felt the compressed pillow slowly rising up again. I could feel it because the fluffy pillow touches my skin. I opened my eyes and the pillow shape had returned to normal. Then I started praying, thank God for nothing terrifying happened. Then I quickly pulled out one of the pillow which I had stacked earlier and threw it somewhere else and finally turned direction to face my colleague.

I then continued trying to sleep with the sounds of sirens disturbing me.

*the end*

Well, thinking back this story, i don't know whether it's a dream or real. But i opened my eye and saw the pillow compressed flat. Could it be:
A) a fat, heavy tired soul sleeping beside me? Looking at me pretending to sleep?
B) "someone" sitting on the pillow, with me facing on his/her buttocks?


Deepest Love,
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Monday, August 27

Horror Story #1 : The Girl With Black Ribbon

I am very intrigued with spooky tales that I read or was told by word of mouth. Let me begin the #1 horror story that frightens me most in my childhood.

A long time ago, lived a beautiful girl. She has long, silky black hair and pink luscious lips. She would dressed up prettily and have many  friends. One day, one of her friend noticed that she always has a black, velvet ribbon tied on her neck. So, she asked her, "why do you always have a black ribbon tied on your neck?". She  looked at her friend with a sinister smile, and replied "you'd be sorry if I do, so I won't"

Years after that, a young man met and fell in love with her. He was mesmerized by his beauty. And yes, she was beautiful in a strange, mysterious way. They got along well, and got married. She wore a white gown, with white veil and gloves, but on her neck, still, lies her black velvet ribbon. So he asked, "Don't you ever take off your ribbon?" She said,"You'll be sorry if I do. So I won't."

He find her answer disturbing but he ignored it. As time flies, he found his wife asleep and out of curiosity, he pulled the ribbon on her neck. Slowly.... The ribbon began to untie and loosen up..


His wife's head fell off her neck and landed on the floor with a thump... And her voiced echoed " You'll be sorry... YOU'LL BE SORRY"In front of him lies a dried skeleton-like being, with a head of an old lady....

*the end*

Well, I know everyone would have heard this story by now but this was my first horror story being told to be and somehow it etched deeply into my memory. I think I was 6 years old and in my kindergarten, I kept looking at my classmates to see whether anyone's neck has a black ribbon or not! Because if someone really has a black ribbon tied on the neck, it means her neck and head are not stick together!!!! *cant believe I was so stupid to think that!* I guess I was too young to know what ghosts are then.

What are your childhood horror story? Mind to share?

Deepest Love,
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Friday, August 24

What Can RM5 Buy?

There is a real life story which I would like to share here- A story about RM5.

I always budget myself on food, and I limit my food expenses to RM50/week. It may look insufficient, but stick to hawker stalls and at least this amount of cash is able to feed me for 8 meals. So this week there's only 3 working days, and I had my favorite food for dinner the night before - Nando's!

Everyone would know Nando's is delicious but expensive! 1 quarter chicken with 3 sidelines cost about RM19.90 (with tax = RM23.10), and free flow ice lemon tea RM5.90 (with tax=RM6.85). Consider myself as a person in "poor category", I find Nando's to be expensive, but it is something I love! I didn't order quarter chicken with 3 sidelines though,  I ordered the hanging chicken with grilled capsicums, I can't remember the name,  (RM29.90) and iced lemon tea and by end of the day after buying something, I was left with RM5.

Knowing that I have no money, I followed my sis and Tianchad to McDonald's for dinner yesterday. I thought bf has money, then he thought I have money. Sis didn't bring so much cash as well. Then suddenly everyone is nice to TianChad XD

Well i have RM5, but what can I buy with RM5?

- French Fries?
- Sundae?

Definitely no burgers that is priced less than RM5. Even the nugget is more than RM5!!!TianChad suggested that I order medium drinks and keep refilling until I become full. T_T so sad!

Thinking about my powerless RM5 makes me realize how much our money has inflated over the years. I used to remember a packet of Mamee Monster costs about 10cents. And now it is 30cents (plus, smaller sized compare to last time). Choki Choki costs RM1/pack and now it is RM1.30/pack. A piece of Yong Tau Fu costs 50cents/pc and now it's RM1.20/pc!!!

So, imagine if you think that RM5 is sufficient to survive 1 meal, it is actually not enough, (unless you order wantan mee kosong/ chee cheong fun kosong) warm water or iced Chinese tea)

My normal lunch food:
*** Pan mee (RM4.50) + hot barley (RM1.40)
*** Charsiu Wantan (RM4.50) + kopi peng (RM1.80)
*** Salted fish fried rice (RM7) + herbal tea (RM2)
*** Fish head mihun(RM7) + Chinese tea(50cents)

Sigh.. Really! I need more than RM5 for a simple meal! I cant survive with only RM5!!!!!!

*sob sob*
If you are kind, please help me click my advertorial banners (top and right-hand side) so that I can earn extra few cents. THANKS!

Earning money is not easy,
Saving money is even harder,
It is OK to sometimes be stingy,
Else one day you will suffer.

I don't hope to be rich in cash, i hope to be rich in knowledge and wisdom.

Deepest Love,
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Monday, August 20

Cute Mooncakes From TianChad

The festive season never ends in Malaysia! Just as everyone was excited for the Hari Raya celebration on the 19th and 20th of August, the chinese were busy preparing mooncakes for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival.

Thinking about Mid-Autumn Festivals really makes me happy. It was during my celebration with the Loo family (bf's maternal family) that I understood what this celebration is all about. For over 23years, I perceived the mooncake festivals as a celebration to celebrate yucky mooncake. Of course, since young, being brought up in a Chinese family, it is a MUST to know about the mooncake celebration - A celebration to remember the moon goddess, Chang 'Er

There's also a story on how in the ancient China, the people gathers intelligence to overthrow the evil emperor by stuffing notes and passing them around in the mooncakes. But still, I don't understand why must we celebrate mid-autumns and eat those super-sweet mooncakes?? I found my answer during my encounter with bf's family here. (reference: Happy Mid-Autumn Day). Bf's mother told me that no doubt mooncakes originated from the Chang Er's story, locally though, we celebrate mooncake as a family reunion day. The 15th day of the 8th month (lunar calender) every year, we will see the brightest moon. This is where family members get together, drinking chinese tea, admiring the moon while eating mooncakes. She gave me a whole new meaning of celebrating this festival. Hence, from then onwards, I would buy mooncakes for my parents, wishing them a Happy Mooncake Festival - wishing they would always be happy, and fulfilling like the big, full, bright, shiny moon. 

And when TianChad went for learn-to-make-mooncake session I was so proud of him!!! ^.^V Here's a peek on the mooncake he had brought home.

Mooncakes (1)

One is made by his sifu (the master) and another is solely made by him. Guess which one?

Mooncakes (2)

Tee Heee, you guessed it right! It's the one more heavy and faded ones. The white stuff on top of the mooncake is not white fungus or mold. My guess is that it should be a powdery stuff (eg: Icing sugar) to sprinkle on top of this specially made skin to avoid the skin from sticking to the casing and ruin the shape of the mooncake.

Mooncakes (3)

Question: Is TianChad's mooncake delicious?

Here's the verdict:-

Mooncakes (4)

Mooncakes (5)

A picture means more than a thousand words. WAKAKA..Here's my judgement:-
Physical appearance: OK, looks like a mooncake ^.^
Skin: GOOD. The Charcoal Bamboo skin was really delicious. Not too sticky and didn't get stuck on my teeth.
Paste: TOO SWEET. The passion fruit flavoured paste has a unique fragrance but is just too sweet for my liking.

However, I find myself that the sweetness of this mooncake is neutralised by a cup of chinese tea. So, remember this formula:

Mooncakes + Chinese Tea = SUPERB!

 Mooncakes (6)

Now, make way~
I am heading to my balcony and look at my imaginary moon~

P/S: TianChad is really good in his 1st attempt to make mooncakes. So if you need someone to help you make mooncakes, feel free to contact him LOL *jk*


Sunday, August 19

Learn To Sing! PSY-Oppa Gangnam Style 강남스타일




and so I tried to sing it. I searched high and low for the lyrics, and found the romanized version @ KPopLyrics(click here


Can't catch the beat and lyrics at all!

Then someone kind, creative and non-korean came out with an idea!

A sing-a-long ENGLISH VERSION of Oppa Gangnam Style by PSY.
Here's "Open Condom Song" Everyone let us sing together!

Now everyone can learn to sing and dance this song, right?

If you are wondering whether Oppa Gangnam Style by PSY is about open condom, the answer is NO, IT ISN'T. Oppa Gangnam Style is actually a song by comedian-singer, PSY who returned after a two-year hiatus and came back with a blast. This song actually depicts a guy who is proud, of being hailed from a high-class Korean District - GANGNAM, where people are always dressed to the nines. And this guy wishes to court a girl, and thats why he boasts of Oppa Gangnam Style. (I think the right term should be Oppan Gangnam Style - where Oppan refers to "Oppa is". Hence the official English title of this song is Oppa Is Gangnam Style. However, since everyone knows it as Oppa Gangnam Style, so it shall be ^.^

I love this song not because of the wacky weird and ugly horse dance, but I love the beat, the humour and the singer! So come come, let us sing together - Open Condom Style!

MsXeROZ learns to sing!

Fair Play Indoor Soccer Center

It never fails to amaze me on why guys live to run and chase after a ball. It also never fails to surprise me on why I would occasionally drop by and watch them chase after a ball for 3 hours.

Yes, this is where I am live blogging now - Fair Play Sports Indoor Soccer (Off Jalan Kuari). This is the first indoor soccer center in Cheras with two futsal courts for futsal enthusiasts. Small, but yet sufficient. Well lit, with a small parking area, this center is manned by a friendly Indian operator called Babu. My friends have fixed schedule that Babu could practically remember their names, cars and even girlfriends!

The screams of joy after scoring a goal, and the very so often yells of pain, filled this center. But at most of the times, the players truly emerge out of their shells and played their bests. I can see the joy, frustration, agony and exasperation on their faces. I guess this is what sports is all about!

Equipped with 4 tables and 14 chairs, a television that airs Tamil programs, and a soft drink counter, I guess this would be a very basic indoor soccer facility. I would suggest viewers to pee and poop at home because, although there is toilet facility (male and female), you won't want to walk in there because the stench could mentally kill u. *serious* But not to worry if you cant withstand it anymore, I assure you that at this point of time, there's no official reported deaths due to horrid toilet stench. So, as long as you can hold your breath long enough, you may do your 'business' here.

Ok, that's all I have to say about Fair Play Sports Indoor Soccer. Here's the address:

Lot 9,Jalan Bukit Pandan,
Off Jalan Kuari,
Cheras Baru,
56100 Kuala Lumpur,

Deepest Love,
Blogged from my Phone

Wednesday, August 15

Section 114A of Evidence Act To Be Reviewed By Cabinet

I don't know if there are anyone who are not aware of the INTERNET DARKEST DAY FOR MALAYSIANS, where people of all races, religion and age united to protest against Section 114A.

Let me give you a brief recap on what was the issue with section 114A. *flashbacks*

With the emerging of technology, and the wide usage of the internet, information can be traveled worldwide in a matter of seconds. This brings so much convenience to internet users, but also can be misused by certain parties. As such, rumours and malicious lies on Malaysia and the government causes massive negative publicity and tarnishes our beloved country's image.

Due to such, our government were deeply concerned and hence a group of kind and rightful people suggested to abolish the ISA(Internal Security Act) to regain public trust. The ISA permits detention without trials of any individuals believed to have done harm the country. With ISA gone, Section 114A was created to fill in and this is where law enforcement can hold one accountable for publishing seditious, defamatory or libelous content. Section 114A works in the way that as long as the defamatory contents are traced back to one's username, device and/or WiFi network, then you can be charged.

The section 114A caused unrest among internet users in Malaysia because for many vocal people like me, this law can threatens the right to freedom of expression. It's as though the government sending us a message "Either you shut the freak up, or you write ONLY good stuff about us, otherwise we will find you, hunt you and lock you"

(lol exaggerated)

Nonetheless, with the massive protest ongoing, the government announced that our Prime Minister, Dato Seri  Najib Razak was deeply concerned and has tweet that "People comes first" in every decision-making that will be done pertaining to this matter. Ok, seems like a good start. At least, whenever the country feels or seems like going down the drain, we have our Prime Minister turning up, defending and shielding us from the harm. For this, I would like to thank him. Or maybe this whole thing is being staged, nobody knows.

Section 114A should further be improvised so that it can be beneficial to bring justice but at the same time do not bring trouble to avid internet users. So, I rest my case for now. Let us all see what will become of Section 114A in near future- an asset to the nation or a liability?

Deepest Love,
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Monday, August 13

Spice Girls @ London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony

When I was in my teenage years, I was so obsessed with Spice Girls. And then we all grew up together and Spice Girls became history. T_T Well, yesterday's London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony shows me how much I missed them ^.^

The crowd roared when the Spice Girls emerged out from the London Taxis, and then Mel B started out with WANNABE - Yo, I tell you what I want, what I really, really want... Then, they medley it with SPICE UP YOUR LIFE. ~ La La La, La La La La La La~!!

In case you have forgotten who the Spice Girls are:- Here's a brief intro...

Mel C - Sporty Spice, currently a mother of one. She has a very unique voice, and prefers wearing pants than dress. My favourite Spice Girl in 1997 because she's cool!

Emma Bunton - Baby Spice, currently mother of two. She was the one with the baby face and sweetest voice. She was my primary school friends favourite Spice Girl. At one point everybody wants to be Baby Spice. She was never my favourite. Despite being labelled as the LAST Spice Girls performance ever, Emma's dress was really understated, although she do look sweet in pink.

Mel B - Scary Spice, currently mother of three. I think she has the strongest vocals amongst the Spice Girls, and she is also known to have wacky sense of style in the 1990s. Yeah, it can be considered that she was the "Lady Gaga" of the 90's. So here she is in a sequinned bodysuit by Zuhair Murad. Sexy yeah!

Geri Halliwell - Ginger Spice, mother of one. She was the sexiest Spice Girl. Small girl with big personality. She was really wacky but somehow left Spice Girls due to depression (or friction among group members). It was really a sad moment for me when the other Spice Girls continue their journey and made songs dedicated to her in "Goodbye" and "Viva Forever". Her solo career went on OK (I bought her 1st solo album) hehe...and my favourite song is Mi Chico Latino.

Last but not least,
Victoria Adams (aka Victoria Beckham) - Posh Spice. She has four children and now leading a highly prolific life being married to famous, good looking footballer, David Beckham. She is now an emerging designer of her own brand Victoria Beckham which I am really fond of. Posh as she is, she treated last nights performance like her own runway. Love her style and sexiness. She wowed us all in her black strapless dress by  Giles Deacon. Beautiful dress that accentuates her tiny frame, and her legs!

Being a Spice Girl fan, I totally loved their performance. Haven't watch it yet? Here's the video. OMG I just found out that all the videos I watched earlier was deleted due to breach in terms. Too bad. You can check this link for a short clip.

"Colors of the world!             Spice up your life 
   Every boy and every girl!     Spice up your life!
       People of the world!!            Spice up your life, aahh"


Friday, August 10

Bronze Medal from Pandelela Rinong, Women's 10m Individual Platform @ London Olympics 2012

Happiness for Pandelela Rinong

Woke up with a HAPPY HAPPY NEWS!

Pendelela Rinong won us a Bronze Medal in the London Olympics 2012 Games! 
YAHOOOOOO.... *leap with joy*

19-year old Pandelela had a shaky start of the games but fought back hard and earned herself the 3rd Place with the score of 359.20 points!  If I am not mistaken, she is also the flag bearer for Team Malaysia during the opening ceremony!

This means we currently have not one, but TWO precious medals (and perhaps a Gold on the way) for the Olympics. It takes a lot of focus, determination and drive for our sports hero to strive to the podium. It so amazing that Pendelela is the FIRST FEMALE medalist for Malaysia. ^.^ 


Congratulations Pandelela!

Though I have missed your finals telecast, I am sure you rock it like a champion!
I am 100% sure that I cannot do - leaping from 10m high platform  (although there is a pool down there). I am so AMAZED by you!

Thank you for representing Malaysia! MUACKZ!

MsXeRoZ is amazed!

Wednesday, August 8

Baskin-Robbins Free Ice Cream For Malaysians!

 WOOOHOOOO! The poster says it all. 

The PASSION, SUPPORT, and OVERWHELMING UNITY towards our sports hero was a moment to remember. During the Badminton Men Finals, Media Prima broadcast an advertisement that says, FREE Baskin-Robbins ice cream for everyone if Lee Chong Wei brings home a GOLD.


We didn't get a GOLD...


We all realized the power of being UNITED for one dream actually worth more than any Gold in the world, and that is why Media Prima, Impian Emas Negara and Baskin-Robbin Malaysia decides to give the FREE ICE CREAMS anyway!

Ahmad Izham Omar giving out Free Ice Cream!
While some branches had like hell long of a queue (The Curve),

 Other branches have only 2 people...

Yums Yums... gimme a lick *jilatz*
Hahaha..I didn't queue up for the ice-creams though. I can't bear to queue. I'd get my FREE ice creams (double scoop) from bf *EXTORTION* soon!

Have a nice Baskin-Robbin day folks!

(photos taken from Facebook!)

MsXeroZ loves Chocolate flavour!!

Sunday, August 5

London Olympics 2012 Badminton Men Singles Final - Lee Chong Wei Vs. Lin Dan

Image from Google
 Lin Dan (China)
Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia)

Image from Google

One hell of an incredible game! This will be the 30th time for these both Badminton Champions to battle it out. I have been watching this game closely and it was a beautiful, mind gripping game. I had my teeth clenching and fists hitting the floor throughout the game.

For the first game, Lee Chong Wei looked less stressful and he won the game beautifully 21:15. Then Lin Dan made an aggressive come back, causing massive tense to Chong Wei. Chong Wei made some mistakes (OMG) and for second game, Lin Dan won by 21:10.

Now, they are playing the 3rd game -

Whatever it is tonight! The Olympics Spirit of Malaysia is with you, Dato' Lee Chong Wei!


After a total of one hour of breathless moment, Lin Dan won 21:19.

I feel suffocated with sadness, but nonetheless VERY PROUD with Lee Chong Wei. It was a very close, tough fight. The stadium roaring with supporters. Malaysian's hope for GOLD may be shattered, but nonetheless, Chong Wei brought home our 1st medal.

I would like to Thank Chong Wei, for representing Malaysia.


MsXEROZ & family!

Friday, August 3

Badminton Men Singles Semi Finals - Lee Chong Wei vs. Chen Long


I am currently watching the Live game @ ASTRO 849. Our country's hero leads the game with 21-13 *SCREAMS* in 23 mins!!!

Throughout the game screams of "Jia You" and "Malaysia Boleh!" can be heard. It was thrilling watching Chong Wei perspiring, and his reflex was amazing! Chen Long was incredible as well! With his toned and fit body, his response were fantastic!

I'm not a sport commentator, I just a supporter so forgive me for my simple comments hehe =) Ok the game continues. Be right back!

China is fighting back! Grip on tight Chong Wei!

The second half was CRAAAAZY!!! Chong Wei and Chen Long fought neck to neck. Their eyesight, reflex and response were AMAZINGLY GOOD. At one point, I thought Chen Long is going to overtake Chong Wei. Fortunately, Chong Wei picks up the pace pretty well.


Malaysia moves forth to Badminton Men Singles Finals London Olympics 2012.

With Dato' Lee Chong Wei declaring that this will be his last Olympics game, will he achieve his dreams and bring home the G O L D medal?

MSXeRoZ for Malaysia!

Chong Wei Wins Again!

Woke up this morning and saw the news - Chong Wei won against India in Badminton Men Singles Olympics 2012!

Amazing! Now Malaysia's big brother move closer to get the medal. Wooo.. Ok time for work. Update you later when I know who is his next opponent.


Deepest Love,
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Thursday, August 2

Yes! Lee Chong Wei Moves Forward to Quarter Finals!

Dato' Lee Chong Wei LCW London 2012 Olympic Games Airport Send off by SGB


Seems like the heat is on and the game is getting bigger! Glad to know that Dato' Lee Chong Wei is right on track! *You have my support!!*

Next he will be meeting with Parupalli Kashyap, hopefully it will turn out to be a good game for everyone! Olympics is about team and sport spirit -  I wonder why all turned to strategic planning and wanting to lose to win?

Oh I forgot to mention - Malaysia's Men Doubles Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong won againts Thailand today! YAHOO!!! GO GO TEAM MALAYSIA!

Nonetheless, Malaysia has no medals yet *OMG* Do we stand a chance?


Launching of Fluffy & Bunny Personal Blog!

I know all of you must be thinking that I'm crazy to do this.

Think about it.


Yes I am CRAZY!

I have always complained complimented my two babies - Fluffy and Bunny about how naughty they are. And how they made my life miserable. But the fact is that, both of them are growing so fast... I'm afraid I'd forget the whole process of them growing up.

Because I'm getting older too..

I don't want to forget Bunny humping the bear.. =(

I don't want to forget the shit they gave me.

So I proudly present you...

The place where rabbit can call home!


Wednesday, August 1

August is Here!!!

Baby Rabbits sleeping together!

Happy August 2012 everyone!!!

I dont know why I'm so happy today, but it could be due to the fact that I had a good, undisturbed sleep last night.

August is also a happy month because there is loads of Public Holidays- Nuzul al-Qur'an on 6th, Hari Raya Aidilfitri on 19th and 20th and the most important Malaya's Independence Day on 31st August!

So to bring sparkle to your day today, here are three little baby rabbits - Huey, Dewey and Louie, to cheer you up!!!

What animals you like to keep as pets?

Deepest Love,
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