Tuesday, July 3

Why Do We Love To Smell Our Pillow??

I could imagine my family members would have their eyes and mouth wide open when they read today's post.

Smelly pillow, in my definition means the pillow one use to hug to sleep. It can be a bolster as well. It is the pillow you cannot sleep without! The term smelly pillow derived from a hokkien word called "Chao Chao Pillow" (term coined by Y.W. Chua, 1990), in which Chao Chao means smelly smelly.

The reason why suddenly this topic popped up is because I'm quite sleepy and have been yawning non-stop. The first thing that comes to my mind is my bed, but since I have not taken any photos of my bed, so too bad. Anyway, i was amazed with myself to find a photo of a pillow (not mine, SERIOUSLY NOT MINE!) and my old pillowcase. Yupz i used to have a rectangular mini pillow and this is actually my pillowcase (when i was 5-6yrs old).

Have you ever wondered why kids or some adults are infatuated with their pillow. Well, practically one could guess that it's the smell that attracts. Another factor i would say is the fluffiness of the pillow.

Parents would teach their children that having a pillow and keep smelling it as "SHAME SHAME" and even hope that one day their children would one day grow up and throw the pillow away. Well, due to that, not many of us know why we love to smell our own pillow. We just love to smell! We didn't even dare to ask because it's so "SHAME SHAME"...

For me, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Any questions that arise should be answered. Easy as that. So here's my reasoning why I was (and still do) attracted to my smelly pillow:-

Personally, i like my pillow (not the one at the picture above) because it has a small tinge of fragrance. Not my body odor of course! I always put the Body Shop's Peach Body Butter before sleep and now my pillow has the smell. Hmmmmm..... Another reason which i googled from is that our pheromones got attached to the pillow.

Do you know what pheromones are?
Pheromones are a chemical released by body (cannot be seen) that influences the behavior of others- basically acts as an attractant to the opposite sex.

So this explains why sometimes you find yourself liking the body scent of others (wtf armpit smell!LOL jk). So, you know when you are in love when you like the smell of that particular person. Anyway, im attracted to my own scent!! I'm in love with myself! Shit, maybe i need to see a doctor!!!!

I couldn't find any other valid reasons yet, but would love to hear more feedbacks from you all on this.

1) Do you have a smelly pillow on your own?

2) Do you smell your pillow often?

Share up. There's nothing to be ashamed of!

Deepest Love,
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Hilda Milda™ said...

I do, and I'm still using it now *blush* HAHAHA and yes I sniff it before I sleep it every night.

RK said...

i dont have lor ~ LoL ~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Hilda, it gives us sense of security right? Like a ritual to smell it do we can have sweet dreams.

Rachel koko, wow, amazing! Haha..

TianChad田七 said...

Chou chou~

Henry Tan said...

well i thought even if is smelly u wont be able to smell it? because u are so used to it? hahaha and yuppp. some study shown that sweat actually contains that and can actually attracts the opposite sex. ;)

Ara Nadea said...

my smelly pillow has my body lotion smell.. it is really nice.. haha.. i love to hug and smell it all the time.. ^_^

FiSh said...

i thought you're trying to promote bodyshop stuff >< but i love my pillows and plush toys all the time :)

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MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Tianchad, chou like u XD

Henry Tan, ya sometimes we are too used to our own smell that we cant detect it.

@Ara Nadea, ya same! mine has lotion smell too!

@Fish, haha no la, nobody would pay me for advertorial!

Unknown said...

I still have mine and I'll be turning 18 soon... Its my...baby!