Monday, July 30

UFO Sightings in Malaysia???

I was browsing the net and was read somewhere there were UFO sightings in Sunway Mentari about 2 weeks ago. So, in case you are just as curious as me, this is the famed UFO video recording by John Tan.

This is the advantage of having your gadgets with you all the time. John managed to capture some blinking lights in the sky at night.

What do you think it was?

I think it is not a UFO, but it is a LED-battery powered(maybe) flying object - something like what some of the commentator mention, a motorised LED Kite.

"However, a commentator on YouTube debunked the theory saying they were merely kites which were lit, although Tan insisted it was a windless night.
When contacted, the National Space Agency (Angkasa) also opined that it was unlikely that kites were involved."
“People don't fly kites at night because there is no wind,” said director-general Dr Mustafa Din Subari."
Seriously the Director-General of ANGKASA should get his facts right. Nowadays, people DO FLY KITES AT NIGHT. There's even a Kite Festival where people of the same interest can display their kites from day to NIGHT! And their passion expands with technology!
Actually, we don't really have to go that far to look for LED Kites - Passionkites from Singapore (website here) actually supplies and even have loads of patterns/designs for you to choose from. If I'm not mistaken there's also a youtube video on how to assemble it. (p/s: This is not an advertorial for Passion Kite LOL)
I also found another interesting article that proves that LED flying kite do exists - Asia Singapore: Remote Control Kite with LED.  How it actually works still baffles me but it is a general knowledge that I am very, very stupid.
Anyways, what we say reflects who we are. I don't blame the videographer and his friends for being curious about UFO and all. But I expect our National Space Agency would give a statement like this "People please do not panic, at the moment we do not see this as a threat to our national security. Our surveillance do not detect any unusual space movement that night. However, we currently do not know what that flying object is. We are currently monitoring our airspace." <-- Don't you think this sounds a little more intelligent? AHAHA..
Well UFOs or kites, or whatever it may be. Let our curiosity expands our imagination, because our imagination is important to keep us sane (MsXeRoZ, 2012) LOL
Hey anyone know where to buy LED Kites in Malaysia? I wanna play one too!! Let me know ya!!!



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