Friday, July 6

Tips & Guidelines on Planning a Short Holiday or Weekend Getaway!

Be very hardworking in checking out promotions available
Many people would love to go for a holiday but didn't know how to start, and when to start planning. I may not be a frequent traveler, but I do know of how to plan and execute a budget family trip.When I first started working, my ambition is to bring my family for a yearly trip, local or overseas, depending on the funds in my pocket.

Thus so far, I have brought them to Kota Kinabalu, and experience a different adventure (which I have yet to blog about T_T). But today, i'd like to share how is my usual preparation like.

STEP 1: Register with your preferred airlines.

You see, when there is mega sale promotion, the server will be congested and it will be too late for you to register. Hence, I always key in my family members IC and Names first so that it is convenient for me to book, without having to key in so many information.

For me, I prefer to book a flight at least 12 months in advance. Reason being,
1: more slots for cheaper flights.
2: preparing for leave application is  more convenient.
3: more time to plan for venue and activities.
4. more time to plan for a good accommodation.

STEP 2: Don't Book Last Minute Accommodation!

Prepare and study the promotion and prices available from the internet.

Then do some research on location, comments and recommendations on the internet.

After selecting the a few hotels, I would drop the company a email requesting whether there's any early bird promotion.

STEP 3: Then consider the options and price, then do the booking! Also, don't forget to double confirm your bookings/reservation. Ask for more info on whether airport transfer is available, (or any means of transportation to the hotel)

STEP 4: Remember to online/mobile check in, so that you don't have to pay extra fees for checking in at counter. Time yourself well otherwise might miss the flight!

STEP 5: Research for transportation on arrival. On my previous trip, i read online that Taxi ride costs RM50, while bus ride costs RM1.50. Unfortunately, there's no bus at the airport, so ended up we all took the taxi instead.

STEP 6: Get more information on how to get there from the hotel you have booked.
On my recent trip, the hotel management informed me to use a specific speed boat service. So without much hassle, i got the taxi driver to bring me straight to the speed boat service provider.

STEP 7: WALAAAA... get on board and head to your dream destination!

STEP 8: YAHOOO...ARRIVED! Enjoy your holidays~

Some basic things one should do.
1. Study your holiday location and see any exciting things that can be experienced.
2. If you are going off for a nature getaway, remember bring some insect repellent, long pants, and long sleeved shirt.
3. Plan some games or activity at night- Monopoly, Deck cards, mahjong.
4. Bring some backup biscuits, snacks or instant noodle in case food is hard to get.

So hope this helps and enjoy your next holiday!!! =)

MsXeRoZ craves for more holiday!

p/s: I've given enough hints on where I last went HAHA..


Ken Wooi said...

I always wanna go holidays, but yes - those you mentioned is the "hard" part - researching and planning. Pfftt!

Thanks for the tips, I shall learn a thing or two here. :D

FiSh said...

there's a lot to do beforehand, so i always opt for signing up some tour packages.. :)

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MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

HAHA..if planning and researching is hard, get a tour guide!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Fish, yea...i agree, if planning is so hard, just get a tourguide. However for me, i just prefer to organize everything myself. Because i'm bringing my family members, i know their preferences. I dont want to participate in guides which bring us to shopping spots and we felt obliged to purchase.