Thursday, July 26

Story of A Rude Malaysian...

If you don't believe that Reader's Digest ranked Kuala Lumpur almost at the bottom of a list of least courteous cities, placing it at 34th place out of 36 major cities in the world, then let me convince you with my share of rude encounter here.

At 3.50pm today, I received a phone call from a Malay girl name Julia. Here's our conversation:-

Julia:       Hello, saya owner Desa Sri Hartamas. U dari Metolijen ke?
Me:        *doubt tone* U mean Mxxxxxxn Sdn. Bhd.? U call dari kompeni mana?
Julia:       *annoyed* Desa Sri Hartamas la. Kan I dah cakap!
Me:        *huh?!* U owner ke tenant? u dari mana?
Julia:       *tsk* I owner Desa Sri Hartamas. U yang sewa bangunan ini kat i kan?
Me:         Oh, u dari tingkat mana ni?
Julia:        Tulah, u tak tanya! nanti jap, nanti jap.. No 8 - 1, Jalan XXX, Desa Sri Hartamas.
Me:          Ok, ada apa halnya?
Julia:        *angry tone* U datang sekarang, ada benda keluar keluar dari tandas, basah semua bilik i. 
Me:         I tak faham la apa u cakap. Boleh cakap lagi sekali?
Julia:         *super angry* I taktau kenapa macam tu, u contact maintenance team u datang sekarang! 
                ...(inaudible) keluar keluar macam tu!
Me:          Apa yang keluar keluar tu? 
Julia:         Air lah! *loud & rude* Suruh maintenance team u datang.
Me:          Miss, kita takde building maintenance team la. Biasanya repair sendiri.
Julia:        Boss I suruh tanya ada maintenance team ke tak. Kalau takde cakaplah je.
Me:         Memang takde maintenance team punya, kita ni bukanlah kondo.
Julia        *angry and rude and speak super fast* CAKAPLAH AWAL-AWAL!  KALAU I TAU U
Me:        *speechless 1 sec* Biasanya....*heard phone being hung up from the other side*
              *TOOT              TOOOT                TOOOT*

I was really speechless with every sentence I heard from her. From the above conversation, what will you feel if you are me?

Initially I felt confused, its my first time encountering people who claim she's the owner of Desa Sri Hartamas. Secondly, she pronounced the wrong company name, I thought she called the wrong number! *sigh* Secondly, she said that her toilet leaking or something, and her boss wanted her to ask whether there's any repair team or not. But from the earlier conversation, she didn't ask, but instructed me! 


So when Reader's Digest labelled us as least courteous country, we feel embarassed. We feel angry. I know some of you feel funny as well. But face the fact, there are people out there like Julia, who don't know the basics of telecommunicating.

a. Introduction of Self
b. Explaining the Situation.
c. Request for Help.
d. Ending a Conversation

For me, an effective conversation is one where you address people you speak to, and introduce yourself (and where you are calling from). Then you voice out your situation, and seek for help. Then, there's room for negotiations and all. 

Rudeness doesn't help to solve a matter.  

Do you have your own "rude story"? Mine sharing with me??

MsXEROz hates rude people!


Unknown said...

"Rudeness doesn't help to solve a matter"

totally agreed..

ekce said...

Yes Malaysians especially the ones fron Kuala Lumpur are one of the RUDEST people you can ever encounter. They are hostile, combative, impatient and have no concept of RESPECT for the other person.

The FUNNY and PATHETIC thing is Malaysians will bend over backwards to display courtesy, kindness and patience when dealing with Anglos -- they get very excited when having to interact with western tourists LOL LOL.

BUT the same treatment is usually NOT ACCORDED to their fellow citizens, you'd think they actually DESPISE other Malaysians.

Strange huh?