Wednesday, July 25

Random: Little Puppies of Stray Dogs

Little Puppies

I have a lot of things jumble up in my mind. And to get rid of those unnecessary stuff in my brain I think I would stray away from a serious blog post, and focus on some of the cute stuff in the world. 

Little Puppies.

You see, my neighbour in Ipoh found a stray dog and kept the dog in an area behind my house. It happened that this stray dog got herself pregnant and gave birth to a hoard of puppies.

Little Puppies

Puppies are really cute and innocent, really love they way they sleep.

Little Puppies

But one day, problem will arise:-
1) Who would want to continue feeding the puppies?
2) Will the puppies be caught by the authorities? What will happen to the puppies then?
3) If the stray dog or puppies happen to attack some one, who will be the one responsible?

Little Puppies

The puppies and the mom-dog was really noisy, but since they are adorable, FORGIVEN!!!

Little Puppies

My opinion is, no matter how much you love an animal, you have to love them responsibly. There's no point caring for than you can afford, and then just give it up like that. I appreciate my neighbour's love for animals and providing food and shelter for them. Nonetheless, I think 3 grown dogs + 6 puppies are really too much unless you own a big property.!

Here I would like to give a toast to the little puppies who brightens up my day, and may God bless them into good homes with good families.

MsXeRoZ loves puppies but prefers rabbits...


Unknown said...

Aww... poor little puppies!! =( Mae Nak 3D 2012 - movie review

Xue Ren said...

awww! the puppies so cuteee! :)