Tuesday, July 17

Malaysian Government To Allow Handphones & IT Gadgets In School

" PUTRAJAYA: Students will be allowed to bring mobile phones and IT gadgets to school from next year after rules and regulations under the Education Act 1996 are amended.
Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the move was in line with the implementation of the virtual teaching and learning programme, dubbed “1Bestari” which offers free WiFi.
“We want to provide a virtual learning environment so that students can use their gadgets to learn."
The Star, 17 July 2012

Students will be yelling with joy over this news. While teachers and some parents will sweat in horror. For me, neither a student nor a teacher, I find that legitimizing handphones and IT gadgets will only unleash more trouble - but, I may be wrong.
I used to be a student, and I do own a handphone. My first handphone, is the ever-epic Nokia 3310 (navy blue) costs about RM350, which i bought in 2001 after scoring straight As for PMR. My parents allowed the purchase, and actually I brought the phone to school during extra curricular activities which were held at 3pm-5.30pm daily. Schools are very strict and random-occassional spotchecks will be held. Here's a list of items that may be confiscate (depending on which school are you in) based on my memory.
a) Mechanical pencil (primary school only).
b) Handphone
c) Shiny jewellery (some earrings are allowed)
d) CDs (be it Original or Burned ones <-- Stupidest rule ever!) Only diskette is allowed.
e) Colourful hairbands (like, wtf?!)
f) Comic books.
g) Harry Potter books. Yeah if i remembered correctly there's someone complained about me for reading Harry Potter books during duty as a prefect. LOL
I think they have legitimize CD usage since nowadays nobody uses diskette anymore. I wonder whether is there a point they banned pendrive? Well, just curious!
The point here is mobile phones are being banned because teachers cannot control the student's usage. You see, in the earlier years, the phone can only be used for sms and calling. But now, majority of the people (especially youngsters) have a SMARTphone. So, you dont have to be a genius to know which is easier to control - students with stupidphones or students with smartphones??
I can imagine this scenario....*day dream mode*
"You and 21 others are in Canteen Sedap" by 4square check in.
TIPS: The roti canai is lembik, don't try it.
What's on your mind?
"There's a lipstick stain on Puan Nurul's teeth. LOL"
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Check out what I did in science lab (camwhore)
 Ended up, everyone busy updating status, twitpic and instagramming. Wow, school is so much fun.
Nobody can deny the importance of mobile phones, but for once, let mobile phones free from students life for 8 hours they are in school. It is just 6 years of education, then they are free to use mobile phones as much as they want! 8 hours without mobile phone daily will not affect their upbringing, intelligence and also security.
If you say, "I need to tell my son to wait me under the tree when I pick him up after school", just tell ur son earlier. "Son, please keep an eye for me under the tree. Don't run elsewhere" That's how me, and hundred of my schoolmates waited for our parents last time. Nobody got lost, and every parents managed to pick up their kid. If we can do it, why cant you? If I got tied up with meetings, I'll tell my friend to tell my mom to wait for me 10mins. I will tell at least 3 friends, so that if any of them goes home first, at least there's someone can pass the message to my mom.
Rather than thinking about I-want-to-know-my-children-whereabouts, I think that we should be thinking about spreading rumours via mobile, gang issues, and misuse of camera in toilets/changing room.
I think CCTV should be placed in classrooms to protect the students and teachers alike. (don't know whether any schools have implemented this or not). 
I'm not jealous for the younger generation, I just feel that some rules, should not be legalized. Let there be a region of gray so that both parties (students and teachers) can benefit with.
With this, I rest my case.

a concerned MsXeRoZ


Koh Kian Fai said...

well, I like the foursquare thing u mention about . . .

now I know why teacher ban us by using phone last time, because got 3310 . . . :D

Ken Wooi said...

Can bring gadgets ah, no one will focus in class oh.. Facebook so much better than Faceteacher!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Kian Fai Koh, YEah so if we are unhappy we throw 3310 and teacher faints right? It will break the blackboard right through next class. HAHA

Ken Wooi, Yupz...If me I'd be busy blogging already LOL! Right under the teacher's nose.

Ara Nadea said...

i totally agree.. why are handphones allowed.? most of the students would not be concentrating in class..

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Ara Nadea Yups...handphone is more interesting than teachers!

Unknown said...

I agree with that. And about the handphones, they must be in silent mode when teachers are teaching. But my stupid school doesn't even know about that news! Stupid school!