Sunday, July 8

Jessying's High Tea Party @ The Scott Garden

" Dear lovely friends,

Thank you for your RSVP to Jessying's High Tea Party which is happening this coming Sunday!

Date: 1 July 2012 ( Sunday)

Time: 2pm-4.30pm (Registration opens at 1.30pm)

Location: 1st Floor of The Scott Garden, Kompleks Rimbun Scott 289, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur (It's in front of Movida) Note :Map attached in email
Kindly come and register yourself at 1.30pm at the registration counter as the event will be starting sharp at 2pm. Please be punctual as I'm sure you don't want to miss the FUN!

See you there and can't wait to have FUN FUN FUN with you all (*wink* Lots of prizes awaiting for you!) 

Remember come dress in your most colourful & creative outfit and you might be bringing home an attractive PRIZE!!!
This was the email i received from Jess Lee and I was invited to her tea party! 
At one point of excitement, i was so elated it felt as though I had invites to Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatters Tea Party, but unfortunately Johnny Depp isn't here so the bubble went burst! POP! haha back to reality.
But nonetheless, I went to her tea party *SUPPORT SUPPORT JESS* It's not easy to be an organizer. But Jess did a great job - Food, Games, Prizes and fun-filled event! She did it all!!!

The first game after having some food was the Colour-Coded Treasure Hunt cum Modeling Game. I was put in the GREEN TEAM. All of the us were categorized into colour groups and were required to borrow 10 items from the Bazaar.

The 2nd game was the Creative Make up game.... And Farah Hany was really kind and sporting to do up her creative makeup. I'm really bad at make up and so she had to take up the responsibility to do so. I think she did a great job! *pats on Farah back*

Jess is incredible she got a sponsor from Maybelline for the games session where all of us were given NEW cosmetics to play with! COOL!!! P/S After this session me and sis went to look for Maybelline's mascara and eyeliner. HAHAHA..

Everyone was so engrossed with the games. That is why I didn't get to snap much photos. Well, I'm sure the official photographer TianChad had great fun seeing all these ladies doing the ladies' stuff.

The event ended with a blast with

BEST COLOUR THEME FASHION WINNER: Linda Husin's Daughter (Blue Team)
BEST CREATIVE MAKE UP WINNER: Shannon Chow (Purple Team)

Jess made sure nobody went home empty handed. Everyone went home tired, but happy!

I personally feels that it is very hard to do some private event at a public place. Passer by keep staring at us thinking "wtf these bunch of kids making party here by the pathway?" It was awkward. There's even some typical Malaysian who came to loot Jess' food and freebies. It was a cloudy evening and we did our games in a very isolated, dimly lit area which is quite a challenge to us.

Nonetheless, everything went with a blast and




Reanaclaire said...

Looks like very fun and happening here, Nicole..

Jessying said...

Wah i feel so touch.... crying now !!! Thanks to u all for the support that thus party is a success!!! Glad all of you went home happy!!! Big kiss for you Nicole!!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Reanaclaire, yupz KL is really fun!

Jessying, hahaha..thanks for ur kiss!

Henry Tan said...

wow so niceeee. i wish i am in kl. =(

atreyustrange said...

Phewitt. You look so comel here! :P