Thursday, July 5

A Gift From Heart

Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to Kian Shen,
Happy birthday to u..

Today we are celebrating KianShen's birthday at Restoran Ajimal Razim, Sri Petaling. For some people, birthdays are celebrated with luxuries, but for this bunch of the Serayans, the luxuries are the times they have shared together since 13 years old. How many people are still close with secondary school friends?

Well, Kianshen birthday is always interesting because there's a tradition of passing the gifts. The crystal above has been passed on between Kianshen and JS for 10years already! Who would have imagined a RM4.90 childhood bromance gift brings such significant meaning? A gift tradition that initially started as a joke became something that bond friends together.

Now i start to ponder, what happen to my last year's birthday prezzies? *can't remember lol*

Do you have any tradition with your friends? Mind sharing???

Deepest Love,
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Ara Nadea said...

i dont have any birhday tradition with my friends.. but, back in the university, we always buy a card, sign on it and give it to our friends.. sweet and simple.. :)

Ken Wooi said...

Gifts nowadays are in the form of FOOD. How to return back lah? :P

atreyustrange said...

That's so sweet! said...

Wahh, so big diamond ah? :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Ara, haha ya cards can be kept quite long too

Ken, FOOD treats are usually for lazy people who lazy to think of what gifts to buy.

atreyustrange =)

Thristhan, haha ya wor! Banyak carrat!

Reanaclaire said...

Now the only birthday presents I received are from my kids.. :) friends normally belanja makan only! :)