Sunday, July 8

Debate 2.0: Lim Guan Eng & Chua Soi Lek Goes Full Blast on Whose Policies Benefit The Country More?

Today marks the remarkable day of the 2nd face to face debate between two of Malaysia's FAMOUS leaders (I use to word famous, not greatest, LOL. I am still waiting for a GREAT leader to emerge).

Apparently there are no LIVE telecast of today's debate, due to the fear of social unrest. However, a delayed telecast will be aired at Astro. Well, I must admit that Malaysians are a bunch of sensitive lots who cannot separate what's personal, and what's political. We all just rojak everything together and bear grudges.

With the topic on "WHOSE policies BENEFIT The Country MORE?
Actually there are a lot of highlights of the debate but there's only one thing that I find it true to what was being debated about.

1) Rasuah (Corruption)  <-- key content by LGE
2) Transformasi               <-- key content by CSL

 I respect them both for the courage to speak and fight for what they believe is true.

My personal opinion? Both leaders fared equally well in public speaking.
  1. Content-wise, I think it is true that TARC was created to cater to chinese who cannot enter government universities with their chosen course. My sister was one of those who did not get a place in local uni. I chose to go TARC to get the course I wanted at a lower price.
  2. Rather than barking on racism issues, I was hoping they could speak as a Malaysian for Malaysian to solve the crime rates, the astronomical property price and the low household salary income.  
As I am not a political analyst or whatever expert. I shall stop commenting here. You can read more on Chua Soi Lek and Lim Guan Eng here:-

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Video available HERE.

We all know that this debate a sensitive issue, hence, I will not publish seditious comments so don't bother leaving me those comments. However, constructive criticisms will be accepted =)

MsXeRoZ Loves Malaysia!

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Henry Tan said...

im from penang so you could guess which side im on. =p

anyhow im agreed with LGE that CSL shouldn't privatize penang port.