Thursday, July 12

Dato Lee Chong Wei Goes Off For London Olympics 2012

First and foremost, kindly forgive my image quality!! This is too exciting that it cant wait for editing and stuff. LoL. Guess where I am right now???


Not only that, I'm with Samsung Marketing Team and Malaysia's Samsung Global Bloggers- Sandra and TianChad! This is really an unexpected opportunity for me as I was only tagging along TianChad for a McDonald's ice cream. Well it happened that there's some blogger who are invited to send Dato Lee Chong Wei and Malaysia's badminton team to London Olympics 2012, so here I am!! Really lucky like strike TOTO!

I think this year Malaysia's badminton team will fare really well (because I'm here supporting them ahak ahak)! With the spirit of Malaysia with the players, WE CAN MAKE IT TO THE TOP!

Ok I shall stop writing now. But I also wanna tell the world that I met the legendary RASHID SIDEK! LOL!!!

K that's all for now. More coming up soon.

Deepest Love,
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p/s just arrived home and too mentally exhausted to do another blogpost. So here's some photo of TEAM MALAYSIA!


Henry Tan said...

yupppp our only last hope for gold!!! >.<

Unknown said...

good jobs cayyooooo..