Sunday, July 1

Colgate SlimSoft Party @ Bistro 42, Bangsar Village II


 TADAAAAAAA *surprise!!!*
Here's the currently best toothbrush in town! The all new Colgate Slim Soft - with 0.01mm soft, superslim bristles that could brush every tiny crevices between our teeth!

I didn't know the existence of this toothbrush until I head to Bistro 42 @ Bangsar Village II yesterday for a party organized by Colgate. I got my invitation from Nuffnang Glitterati Plus (which is my 1st G+ event in 2012) HAHA.. I realised that I've been isolating myself too much that I lost most of my blogger friends.


The venue was classy and lovely! A very suitable place for a romantic tea break with your loved ones. It is my first time at Bistro 42, and I'm anxious to visit them again to try on their food =)

Cutest cupcake in the world. I didn't know that these Tooth-with-Toothbrush cupcakes are edible!!!  I thought they are just part of the decoration...

Until i saw someone eating them.


It was a private affair so bloggers and guests are treated to mouth watering desserts. All of these are OURSS!

The event was an educational one too. Importance of correct dental care are being emphasized.

  1. Use Colgate Plax Mouth Wash to gargle and remove hidden bacteria.
  2. Change your toothbrush at least 3 months once.
  3. Keep your toothbrush 6 feet away from the jamban (toilet bowl), so that our toothbrush is not contaminated by bacteria from jamban. *EWWWWWWW*
  4. Visit the dentists 6 months once.
  5. Practice correct brushing techniques and brush at least 2minutes.
See, I'm all familiar with good oral hygiene! That's how i won a bag of exclusive Colgate-Palmolive goodies at the Trivia Contest ^^

Hak Hak Hak Hak.... 

What's most exciting? The Instant Photo Booth!

Me & Nini Ong

MsXeRoZ - Winner of Best Smiles (LOL jk)

  Me, during the prize giving ceremony...

So, remember, if you don't want to be bogeh (toothless), practice correct oral hygiene!

That's all for now!

MsXeroZ smiles =)


Reanaclaire said...

wow... what an interesting event! I wont mind going.. i love showing off my teeth.. hahaha...

Mabel Lai said...

Aww. those 'teeth' on cupcakes are so adorable! And macarons! You must be having real good time over there! =)