Sunday, July 1

A Busy Weekend!


I'm still in Scott Gardens, and blogging while sitting at Subway. Well, Jessying's Tea Party just ended and I thought of going to Tesco to buy some groceries. The security guard forbid us to enter the supermarket with all the goodie bags. So ended up me sitting here waiting for dearest sis and her bf to buy the groceries.

So, here I am blogging via mobile phone again. This weekend was an eventful one. My dear old friend Marccus came down to KL. Me, Marccus, TianChad and Hui San had breakfast together at Rathaa Curry House and I brought them to my favourite light supplier - Houses and Lightings Sdn. Bhd. Spent 3 hours there and bumped into Ben Ashaari (p/s I apologize if spelled wrongly). You guys should see how shock Ben looks when TianChad and I approached him.

After the shopping yesterday, I head on to the Colgate Slim Soft party held in Bangsar Village II. Initially I thought of bringing someone along with me, but seems nobody wants to tag along. Anyway it feels great making new friends and meeting up blogger friends like Jeff and Nini, and also EngTauKia. Gonna blog more about this event soon.

Then today woke up and made a great breakfast ( syiok sendiri). Then me, sis and TianChad head to Jess' Party. Wow.. Weekend really passed like a lightning. Tomorrow is Monday again.. Sigh..... in the car and feel dizzy now (due to blogging on phone) *faintz*

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