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Buka Puasa With Authentic Malaysian Food at USJ- Alicafe Tiga Rasa Restaurant


On Monday, I went for a food tasting session with Nuffnang Glitterati Plus. I guess, you gonna see me going more of G+ events because I'm back from my hibernation and I'm BACK FOR GOOD!

AliCafe Tiga Rasa ~ I'm sure everyone has heard of AliCafe, but did you know that AliCafe has come up with a concept restaurant, with its mission to bring Malaysian flavours for all. In conjuction with their opening, and also the Ramadan season right around the corner, AliCafe Tiga Rasa brings you local food, cooked to perfection. Well, it's my first time here so let me walk you through my experience~!

Tiga Rasa Boasts of their three main specialty chilli blend - Sos Gulai Lemak, Sos Sambal Hebi Hiam, and Sos Sambal lemak.

A popular saying is that "Kalau takde cili, takdelah selera" (if there's no chilli, then there's no appetite). Yes, Malaysians love it opens up our appetite and adds to the taste of the food. Same concept applies to AliCafe Tiga Rasa, where the three main specialty chilli blend serves as the perfect sauces served with chicken, lamb, fish or vegetables.

This time, I was served with these variations:

#1: Grilled Sting Ray with Gulai (curry) Lemak Sauce
Currently no.1 ranking in my heart. I love the sourish yet thick, and rich flavour of the curry powder, spices and saltiness. The soft stingray texture absorbs the sauce making this a mouthwatering cuisine. Coconut cream, with lemongrass scent really makes this superb! It is also served with vegetables and you can have a good meal with plain rice!
My favourite Ikan Pari Panggang Sos Gulai Lemak

 #2 Roasted Vegetables with Sambal Shrimp Sauce
This is also very unique variation of the Chinese food - Sei Tai Tin Wong (Four Heavenly Kings) consists of French Beans, Long Beans, Petai, and aubergine. Same combination of vegetables, but with different cooking style and sauce used, the taste is also different. The sauce is filled with a thick shrimp (hebi) aroma, hence making every bite fulfilling. I bet non-vegelovers would love this as well.
Sayur Panggang Sos Sambal Hebi Hiam

#3 Lamb Chop With Sambal Lemak Sauce
The aroma of the lamb chop filled the room when this dish is served. As it is served on a hot plate, you can see the sauce bubbling in heat. I find the lamb meat is too tough and it's really hard to bite. Perhaps, I took the tendon part and thus it is harder to bite. Nonetheless, the sambal lemak sauce covers the smell slightly of the lamb, making it more appetizing for non-lamb lovers like me.
 Lamb Chop Panggang Sos Sambal Lemak

#4 Curry Fish Head
The AliCafe Tiga Rasa serves Curry Fish Head that are a result of the fusion of Chinese and Malay versions of the curry fish head. This dish has a equal portion of lemak and curry, a balance which most restaurants failed to achieve. The level of spiciness is also acceptable, but i was informed that we can request the curry to be made either less spicy or more spicy.
Kari Kepala Ikan

#5 Tom Yam Siakap
Being a tom yam lover, I definitely like this dish. Personally, I prefer it to be more sourish. Like any other servings, this dish is filled with vegetables. The aroma and taste of the tom yam just flows into the tender fresh siakap flesh, hmmm...mouth watering.
Siakap Tom Yam

#6 Istimewa Ramadhan Set
Ramadhan will start next week and all my Muslim friends will be fasting. AliCafe Tiga Rasa too, provide a buka puasa dinner value meal of RM 69.90.

The set consists of Kurma Extract Juice (house specialty), kurma (dates), green vegetables, omelette, Fried Chicken with Spices, Siakap Fish, TigaRasa Mix Grilled Vegetable dish, Rice, and Hokkaido Cake.

Istimewa Ramadhan Set
There's also individual sets varieties that you can choose from.

AliCafe Tiga Rasa, ain't like any other Malay restaurants around. With its cosy, comfortable ambience you will definitely enjoy your makan time here.

Last but not least, check out their specialty dessert as well. Banana Spring Roll served with vanilla icecream!

Banana Spring Roll Served With Vanilla IceCream
I would like to thank Nuffnang Malaysia for inviting me, and also AliCafe team - En Efdi, especially for the wonderful food experience and hospitality.

AliCafe Tiga Rasa Restaurant
Taipan, USJ (Beside True Fitness)
Telephone No: 03-8011 9412
Business hours: 8am till 12midnight.

I had a great time here with my newly made blogger friends and the food served. Hope you enjoy my honest review.


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