Thursday, July 26

Break Up! Bosco and Myolie No Longer Together!

Aww.. *tears brimming*

Bosco Myolie

A break up is tough enough but a public break up is hell! I have always liked Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu. Although they kept their relationship in the shadow for years, the chemistry and the cuteness of this couple can be felt by fans and media. Instead  of cashing on advertisement as a couple, they repeatedly deny any romance (until Myolie won her TV Queen award). I find that both of them really treasure their relationship.

The breakup came as a surprise when Bosco announced it during a radio interview. And when media approached Myolie for comments, the pain of the breakup is still evident as it was reported that there was tears in her eyes.

And i feel sad too.. I cant read Chinese but I get my daily HongKong Celeb news supply from JayneStars. You can head on there for detailed news.

Anyway do you believe in 7th Year Itch??

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Reanaclaire said...

oh so sad!! I am now watching Bosco latest series on Astro.. he is so handsome and cool.. do you think he has fallen for Linda instead?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

u are watching TVB Witness Insecurities?? I saw the promo, and its really cool~