Monday, June 25

Tips: How To Evade Mosquito Attacks At Night

*Factual Tone*

Mosquito: a cute looking, buzzing insect that is a nuisance for its blood-sucking ability. Loves to attack, especially when human are deep asleep.

Everyone in the world has experience mosquito attacks before, and at those times, we would use mosquito repellents. Lately, I noticed that the mosquitoes aren't afraid of the mosquito repellents anymore. Hence, this would actually means:-
a. Mosquitoes has formed a resistance to chemical repellents.
b. Chemical repellents have changed formula 

Mosquitoes are going crazy lately and have been attacking my house at night! Look at the mosquitoes sticking on my ceiling!!!

So I tried to google up some tips to exterminate mosquitoes and I found a handful of tips here by Wikihow.
Click on this image to see more tips.

No offense, but I think most of the tips given by Wikihow are somehow ridiculous! eg: Kill mosquitoes by double hand clap. Come on! The double hand clap is a spontaneous response. And, don't expect we would stay up all night and clap the mosquitoes away right?

I do not own an air cond, so turning closing all windows and turn on the air conds to sleep is not an option for me. Secondly, I am allergic to mosquito coils. Yes, the green, snake-lookalike stuff that emit a weird smell. My nose is sensitive to the smell, and I will sneeze non stop when being around the coil.

So, I've come up with a strategic planning on how to avoid mosquitoes from disturbing our good night sleep.

1) Keep your room NEAT & TIDY. Mosquitoes love hanging around pile of dark smelly clothes that you chunk on the floor.

2) Close all the windows and doors. Give your room a generous spray of mosquito repellent (Eg: Shieldtox / Ridsect)

3) Apply the anti-mosquitoes lotion on exposed skin region before sleep.

Actually steps 1-3 are all common sense. And this steps will not ensure 8 hour long protection (unless you put the smelly mosquito coil)

For me, I have another special tactic. Read carefully.

1. Cover your whole body with blanket. 
2. Try to listen to the buzzing sound of the mosquito.
3. Turn to your side, and leave 1 side of your face exposed.
4. Make sure the most convenient hand is ready.
5. Try to sleep but keep awake and stay alert to the buzzing. 
6. The mosquito will try to suck your blood.
7. When you are alert, you can feel the mosquito land on your exposed cheek.
8. Slap the mosquito.
9. Continue sleep.
10. Repeat process 1-9 if there's more than 1 mosquito.

But if there's freaking a lot of mosquitoes, then your life is pretty much f*cked up. I feel sorry for you. *pats your back*

So, anyone of you have more secrets on how to deal with mosquitoes? Please share with me =)

MsXeRoZ hates mosquitoes!!!


Henry Tan said...

haha it has been a while that my house got no mosquito that much! =p
anyway thanks for the info! mostly i will just apply some mosquito repellent and sleep! =D

atreyustrange said...

Haiyo! My dear, there is this thing called the Liquid Vaporizer. I use a Shieldtox one. Please, go get it at your nearest supermarket. Generated by electricity, it has no smell and will last up to 480 hours or so, and you will sleep well at night while the mosquitoes fly and dies of the vapor by your side.

Okay, I wanna go and make a call to Shieldtox HQ. I just promoted them kaw kaw here.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Atreyustrange, haha ok. hope Shieldtox endorse u la ok?