Wednesday, June 27

The Lost Manners (Based on True Story)

[Warning] Today's blog post contains rough, sensitive, and impolite issues that may not suitable for you. If you cannot tolerate vulgarities, please, by all means, click the X button on the rightmost corner of this screen.

Some incident happened that caused me to be pretty much upset. I tried to control my tempers and just brush it all aside. - Because MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME MANNERS. But mom didn't say that I am not allowed to express my anger. So here's what I would like to share.

This is the whole account of the incident that made me furious. I start work at 8.30am to 5.30pm. The other office starts work at 8.00am till I don't know what time. So I go work at sharp and leave work sharp. Due to some insufficient parking lots (everyone double parks and risks of getting summons), I always have to double park someone or being double-parked.

The first incident was before Chinese New Year, where I had parked behind someone's car. Let's name her B. I was sitting in the office, and my boss telephone rang, the room is locked and I didn't know how to twitch with the intercom. The phone kept ringing, and when I left the office, B approached me - furious that I had blocked her car. She said that she has called me and I didn't pick up the phone. I refuted her but since it's a small issue I apologized and told her my correct extension and left. The next time I met S, she gave me the "I-do-not-know-who-the-fuck-you-are" look when I smiled at her. I got kind of offended but OK, so, next time, I won't double park there anymore.

I managed to pull some strings, and got myself a space in ANOTHER FACTORY LOT BELONGS TO A NON-RELATED COMPANY (which I now label as Company L) So, I did not disturb anyone's parking (except maybe the staff of Company L). When I have my own parking space, free from any police summons, suddenly the staff from which my office is being rented on became super friendly.

Aunty A: Nicole, why you can park there?
Me: Because I have permission to park there.
Aunty A: If you can park there, I can park there too.
Me: *kind tone* You are not driving right, you can park here ma. My relative is working there so I have permission to park at Company L.
Aunty A:  You tell your relative to apply for a parking for me la. Can la *mengada*
Me: Sorry, I don't think so lor. *walks away*

I detest people who is so thick skinned to request such favor from me. So, when I have no worth you don't have to befriend me is it?

After the incident, I regularly got the cold stares from the staff there. When I first entered this company, I always greeted anyone I met with a simple GOOD MORNING and a smile. It's free and it makes me happier as well as makes others happier. Or perhaps that's what I thought. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

A simple good morning and a smile is always returned by the driver and the receptionist and maybe 3 others. The rest, looked at me as though I had murdered their mothers. So, as time passed, I feel less and less motivation at work. I have NO FRIENDS. Even when I pass by the pantry, I smiled to some of them, they gave me the cold look as though their smile costs RM3.50 every time they show their teeth. *yeah, that's how expensive their smile worth - sarcastic*

Today, after lunch it was raining. It was almost impossible for me to park at Company L. So, I double parked in front of my own company. At 5.22pm, the guard called me and said "Nicole, got people angry you block their car" I hung up, grabbed my bag. As I approached the door, this is what I heard.

Aunty L speaking to Boy A.
Aunty L: WHOSE CAR IS AGL 3**5?
Boy A: I don't know.
Aunty L: WHOSE CAR IS AGL 3**5?
Boy A: Don't know.

Me:It's my car.
Aunty L: Why you never inform the guard it is your car?
Me: The guard had recorded it last time ma.

and then I walked away.

So now, I became a bastard.

You want play vulgar, Aunty L? Let's play vulgar!

FYI, I'm not the only one who blocked the car. There's another car that blocked the car. Even that if i remove my car, that car cannot exit. So, I'm the bastard who parked the car like that, and the other one is not a bastard? Aunty L, you too double parked your car some times, I didn't know you are a BASTARD yourself.

Come on la people, just because I'm young, pretty, adorable, have a good superior than all of you in that freaking office, you don't have to be jealous and pick on me all the time! Do you think that I love smiling and say hello to all of you there, and all I got in return is a cold look from that wrinkled face? I said my greetings because I have manners!

Just because you are older than me, doesn't mean that you can be rude and impolite. You can be impolite to me but watch your language, BASTARD = a child born out of wedlock. So ARE YOU INSULTING MY MOTHER NOW???

That's a libel and highly seditious. Why don't I call you something that is true about you? Such as, WRINKLED FUCKER? Or maybe something less offensive, what about BITCH? Since you love barking so much. Well, it's not even 5.30pm (the official go home time), it's only 5.22pm and you already there barking.

and so Aunty L opened the accounts department and yell "The next door girl's car. She didn't inform the guard"

I walked away.

Actually there's no need for me to be angry or upset. These are some of the low life creatures that happened to be at the same place as I do. It's not that I'm always rude or offensive. I admit that I am straightforward and direct at times. I am vocal on my opinions and thoughts. I do what I felt right.

All the while, these aunties all don a pretentious fake identity and they thought that I couldn't see through it. I fascinates me on where their manners had gone. Are these the acclaimed GENERATION X that brought up GENERATION Y? *puuuuuiiiikkkkkk*

I don't know what has happened to humanity. What has happened to all the manners and budi bahasa that was once taught to us. What happened to the Rukunegara that we have all vowed to keep?

MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :

Maybe they didn't learn the Rukunegara???

A fed up

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