Saturday, June 16

So Cool!! Email Blogging Actually Works!

Yupz I was skeptical but the content that I typed in the email was published immediately after I pressed the "sent" button.

This is really cool because I can be lazy and blog on my bed venting out nonsensical stuff to annoy everyone before I go to sleep. Haha.. Jk XD

The only disadvantage of blogging with mobile email is that I tend to type u for you. Not that it's a big issue but I prefer to train myself to spell properly for the sake of not making it a habit to short cut every words in dictionary..

If you think that email blogging may benefits you, here's how to set it.

Blogger dashboard --> settings -->  mobile and email  -->  and set the private email address as you desired (eg:  -->  write your blog post and send to the private email address that you have set. Once the email is sent, your blog post is published.

Be careful of not leaking out those private email address, you wouldn't want to image what happens if any of your unwanted stuff lands in this email and being published to the world.

Fluffy rabbit is sleeping after a painful surgery. It's so painful that her eyes look sad. I feel sorry for her too, but spaying reduces her risk for cancer and other disease. Hopefully she understands.

Ok time for me to sleep. Goodnite world.

Deepest Love,
Blogged from my Phone


Henry Tan said...

wow cool! i think if a short post would be good to use email blogging! =DDD

atreyustrange said...

You are.. A FEW YEARS LATE darling! Hahaha!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Henry Tan, hahaha we are kinda backdated lor now only know got such function.

@Atreyustrange, kindly excuse my sampatness, i happened to live in a shell. HAHAHA..