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Perfect Romantic Escape

This is Me & Jian when we first met

12th June 2012 marked the 7th year of courtship. (Refer my recent post - MsXeRoZ & XeRoZ: 7th Anniversary). From complete strangers, we found love and embarked on the journey of sweetness, sourness, and sometimes bitterness. We met as an online friend that happened to study at the same college - Tunku Abdul Rahman College. Our first meeting was in Genting Highlands, and we went to the theme park.

Genting Highlands Theme Park boat ride - 19 May 2005
 It wasn't love at first sight. Since prior to the meeting, we had actually chatted and got to know each other. Meeting up just confirms the attraction that we had for each other... and thus, Genting Highlands hold a very significant place in my heart...

Together for years, I know and accepted that he isn't the lovey dovey romantic guy. He have not shown up unexpectedly at my work place. He only gave me one bouquet of flowers so far, and one soft toy... Not because he is stingy, but because everything he gave me comes from his heart. He wants me to appreciate the things he gave me
University Tunku Abdul Rahman Valentine's Night Event
To maintain a good relationship, the most important thing is the effort that has to be shared between the two parties.

Since this year we didn't celebrate our anniversary, because we felt unwell and tired. It will be great if I can plan up a secret surprise for him! I've even listed what I would do to surprise him!


1. A Hearty Breakfast
 consist of warm toasted bread, mashed eggs, and orange juice.

Nothing is more perfect than being served healthy breakfast to kick start our day, especially something that I don't usually do. (p/s: can't wake up in the morning). Hence, he will definitely be touched if i sacrificed my usual sleep and sneak out to prepare his favourite English Breakfast.
  2. Indulge Ourselves With Nature
Jungle trekking, Hill Climbing, Bird Watching, Snorkeling

We are not only in love with each other but also in love with nature. Despite being born and bred in the city, we enjoy the lush green of the trees and flowers. With the whispering leaves and sounds of cikadas.
Snorkelling is currently our favourite. Watching Nemos (Clown Fish from Finding Nemo) protecting their anemone is really fascinating.  Sharing the same passion bonds us closer together.

3. Just The Two Of Us
Every girls love pretty things. For me, pretty things are meant to be preserved. He knows that, and that's why he would bring me to places with natural plants and flowers rather than buying me floral bouquets. Where i could touch the softness of the petals, and smell the scents. When I'm happy, he's happy too...

4. Sunset By The Beach

Did I ever mention that Jian is an avid fan of sunset. It's a moment he would be at peace looking at the beautiful blend of the colours of the sun and the sky. I find it very romantic for two people, sitting on the beach, listening to the crushing waves with breathtaking sunset.

5. Romantic Dining 

Great food + perfect ambiance is the ultimate MUST-HAVEs of a romantic dinner. I will bring him to savour mouthwatering cuisines. Preferably a fusion of Malaysian-Italian cuisine, accompanied with soothing melody - My favourite will be Pachelbel's Canon in D and Richard Clayderman's classics.

6. A Night To Remember

I'll set up candles like this and make him light up the candles for me. (p/s: i'm kinda pyrophobic). These are some simple, but economic ideas for some romanticity =)

 7. Light In The Darkness

Even when it's dark, love will be ray of light that shine. Sitting in the dark is also a good time for us to speak what we think and feel. Perhaps it's nothing romantic, but we can get better understanding of each other.

 8. Cherish Each Other

Life isn't permanent, so we should cherish every moment we have together. Let it be a beautiful sonnet that we can both store in our memories. Even a simple activity together will be a memorable moment for a lifetime.

 9. My Love is True & My Heart Belongs To You

Being in relationship doesn't mean that your partner knows what's in your heart. It takes a little courage to say those words out. He/She may laugh at your silliness, but it's something really sweet. It matters say those 3 words...Just voice it out!



So, I have listed 9 Romantic Things that I will do for him. I need to find a place that can accommodate me to execute these plans!

Where in Malaysia that can fulfill the following?
*p/s: no budget for overseas trip yet*
  • Easy Access
  • Convenient to Travel from One Point to Another
  • Beautiful and Clean Beach
  • Variety of Accommodation To Choose From
  • Small Town
  • Untouched Nature
  • Good Food with Fine Dining Ambiance

  1. Melaka - near to KL, but the beaches are erm..ugly okay to be frank it doesn't have the romantic clear blue waters, which means no snorkeling.
  2. East Coast (Islands of Terengganu - Perhentian/Tioman/Redang) - At least 5 hours drive from KL, but with beautiful beaches. Disadvantage is the lacking of romantic ambiance for fine dining. Even if there is, it would burn a hole in my pocket!
  3. Pangkor Island - Too near to hometown. Will feel guilty if didn't bring my parents along. Then it would be family trip instead of Perfect Romantic Escape! *sorry parents*
  4. Penang Island - hmmm...same reason as No.3 *sorry parents again*
  5. Sabah (Kota Kinabalu, Sipadan, Mabul and Mataking Islands) - Beautiful but too expensive for now. I shall keep that for my honeymoon.
  6. Langkawi - Drivable distance, convenient car rentals, beautiful beaches and marine park, fine dining available! 

The last time i went to Langkawi was in August 2010! I felt sick on the plane and vomited in the airport. Took a cup of chamomile tea from Starbucks and ended up on bed in Awana Porto Malai. I was left alone sleeping in the hotel until I got better. I only managed to sit at beach, visit a lighthouse, ride up cable car, and no seafood and drinking! 
*sad case*
Here's my blog post on my previous trip to Langkawi - Langkawi, Langkawi: Cable Car, Langkawi: Lighthouse

On a happier side, I was informed by my sis that Genting Evangelist under Nuffnang is giving THREE SPECIAL CHOSEN COUPLE for an Escape Romantico @ Langkawi for Two (for each couple that means!) Here's what it says...

Awana Hotels & Resorts giving away a 3Days 2Nights complimentary stay at Awana Porto Malai Langkawi to 3 special chosen couples, you and your guest will also get a pair of complementary return flight tickets to Langkawi departing from KL!
The details are as following:
Date : 29th June 2012 – 1st July 2012 (Friday – Sunday)
Venue : Awana, Porto Malai Langkawi
Activities :
1. Recreation activities (YES! NATURE FTW!)
2. Island hoping (I prefer Island hopping rather than just hoping for it!)
3. Explore Oriental Village (I heard there's a rabbit farm here!! Wanna go so much!)
4. Sunset cruise (Waaaahhhh, ROMANTIC!)
5. Duty-free shopping (Wines, here I come!)
6. …For you to find out when you get there!! (Surprises..I loveeeeee surprises)
CALENDER CHECKED! I CAN GO!!! (if being chosen XD)
 So, what are the other criterion?
Create a blog post with the title “Perfect Romantic Escape” (OK DONE!) and tell us “if you could go wherever you want, where would you go and why did you choose that as the perfect destination for you and your partner?” (WhOots STATED, DONE!)
2. Attach a sweet and lovely picture of you and your love.
 Jian is sweet, I'm lovely. View picture as evidence. (Sweetness and loveliness overdose!)

3. Submit the permalink of your blog post in the form below. (Wait till I Publish this post!)

 Deadline for submission is 17th June 2012, (Sunday) 12pm. (OMG DATELINE?! 17th Already! Thank God it's 12pm! Drinking Kopi O to keep me awake to complete this entry!)

 Finally it's done!!!
If you are also a Genting Evangelist try your chance to get this Escape Romantico for you and your loved ones too! You'll never know if you are the CHOSEN ONE. =) Just login to your Nuffnang page and look out for the Evangelist page!  

Time for me to go to bed and dream of my romantic vacation!

MsXeRoZ in love!


Xue Ren said...

aww! so sweet! all the best for ur contest yeah! :)

Jessying said...

wah win liao lor.. so lovey dovey.. hahahahaha...wish u luck okay !!!!!!111 and now you mentioned Langkawi I also want to go!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Xue Ren, thanks for your well wishes!

Jessying, Jom Langkawi! U organize and find sponsors LOL bully u!

Henry Tan said...

wow like seriously! u put in a lot of effort! and i truthfully hope that you would win! good luck and all the best! =D

Vince G said...

Walau ehhhhh romantic and sweet sia! Ok lah, konfurm win dy. :D

atreyustrange said...

Wah. Dulu you terlalu kurus and suka buat peace sign. Haha! How time has changed us all!

TianChad田七 said...

Haha Atreyu means sekarang Nicole tidak kurus and suka buat other sign ;p We do change but changing for a better self!

I am sure your entry worth winning~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Henry Tan, haha thanks for the support. Appreciate it to the max!

@Vin Tsen Gan, Awww...i seriously hope you are one of the judges.

@atreyustrange, i sekarang gemuk dan suka buat peace sign.. FML!! hahaha!